Newsitem about Amiga Handycover

After the big success with Airbrushcovers in different designs and also
limited series, was now developed a special Amiga-design by Airbrush
Paradise Tingler.
The decision for Amiga is due to the fact, the users of Amiga-computers
identify themselves
especially with their systems and they also have announced big interest
for this product.

All handycovers are originally handmade (airbrushdesigned) and so surely
Because of quality only originalproducts were worked up.
This products very often becomes to favourite collector-objects.

Up from January are at first the Nokia products available, further
products are already planned and will be following.
You will find informations abaout this product under

A simply possibility to order exists. The Price depends on the ordered
model between DM 129 - DM 159

If  You dont't have Internet, ask Airbrush Paradise Tingler from

Phone: 049 (0) 741-15194

Reprint and Internet puplication free. Email or document desired.