Date: October 4, 1999
Subject: StarGate 2.2 released
From: Toysoft Development Inc.

Toysoft Development Inc. is pleased to announce the release of StarGate v2.2.
StarGate is an email and news client for Workbench 3.x.

Features in v2.2 are:

o Random forms when composing a new message
o Deleting a message will open the next unread message
o Support for Virtual Card file.  You can now send and receive business cards.
  This includes users from Windows platforms
o Added support for External editor
o Supports Followup when reading news articles
o Batch picture download.  Select news groups and StarGate will scan for any
  binary files. StarGat can also display the picture as it downloads or save
  them for later viewing

Additional features:


o Supports multiple E-mail accounts. Accounts can be turned off at anytime.
o Detailed address book with multiple email acccount support.
o When sending email you can address users by their first or last name.
o Auto preview of messages.
o Peek mail. Preview your mail on the mail server before downloading.
o Support PowerPC for MIME decoding and encoding of files.
o Direct http links to your web browser.
o Easy file attachments using UU or MIME methods.
o Button, Large or Small 256 color icon interface.
o Toolbar support for text formating. eg: Bold, Underline, Italic and Colors
o Optionally send mail as embeded HTML


o Integrated with StarGate Mail. eg: AddressBook, Folders, Filters, etc..
o Post articles include files in UU or MIME format.
o Decode files in UU and MIME format.
o Batch article download.
o Article filing to custom folders.
o Retrieve article at a specific position eg: skip the first 50 article.s
o Supports embeded HTML. Use your web browser to view HTML articles.
o Double click on URL hot links or email address to send an email.

For more information please visit
To download the demo version double click