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#1. TWF Update.#
#1. Explorer 2260 Update.#
#2. Maim & Mangle Update.#
#3. Next News Update#


#1. TWF Update.#

- There is a small article about Explorer 2260 and Maim & Mangle in the
September issue of Amiga Format.

- Two banner ads for E2260 and Maim & Mangle have been appearing in recent
weeks on the Amiga Central website ( on some of
their pages. Let us know what you think of them.

#2. Explorer 2260 Update.#

Sorry folks, there are more delays coding wise for E2260. As mentioned last
month, this really can't be helped I'm afraid. :( As for how it will affect
release schedules, it's hard to say at the minute. Programming on E2260
recommence later this month.

#3. Maim & Mangle Update.#

Development is flying along very nicely for M&M with a lot of coding being
done by Massimiliano. Here is some of the work that has been done this past


- gouraud shading on the terrain, user can choose between none, flat and
gouraud shading.

- the units now follow the flow of the 3D terrain.

- 2 new zoom factors added.

- fixed various bugs.

- improved zsort routine on the terrain.

- general speedup (about 40%).

- new shading routine for buildings.

- cpu version on par with w3d version (almost).

- 060 version on par with PPC version (no asm routine yet).

- the camera follow the terrain height.

- explosions added to the engine.

A *lot* of work on our internal tools/editors (9 new releases)


- Several more units/buildings have been modelled.

- A lot of work has gone into landscape textures and the 3D terrains.

- We have selected Peder Lundberg as our new GFX artist.


Research is being done into the possible porting of M&M to other
systems (particularly Linux and AmigaNG platforms) on completion of the
Amiga classic version.


There are 4 new screenshots on the M&M section of our website. Don't expect
big explosions and firefights just yet but it shows a variety of textures,
the lovely gourand shading and some of the different zoom factors. All
these screenshots have been grabbed from a computer with full PPC & Warp3D
support, so if you don't have either, don't expect it to look as well.

*Game Background*:

For those interested in the game setting, it's now in the M&M section of the

#4. Next News Update#

31st August / 1st September

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