NewTek Toaster/Flyer users won't want to miss AmiWest99 which will be held
on July 23-25 in Sacramento, CA at the Holiday Inn, Sacramento NorthEast.

"Aussie" Michael Holton of OZware will be conducting two long (2 to 3
hour) presentations on OzWare products.  Aussie hints at presenting a new
OZware product at AmiWest99.

OZware is famous for high speed video and audio tools for use with
NewTek's Toaster/Flyer including Co-Pilot Video, Co-Pilot Audio,
FastFrames2.0 and MultiCam Editor.

Also present at AmiWest will be AudioLabs, an Italian company with a piece
of sound software called ProStation Audio.  AudioLabs will have a booth at
AmiWest and will be conductiong seminars on ProStation Audio.  Remember
this name, for AudioLabs claims it is going to RULE the Amiga sound Market
and blow away the competition by leaps and bounds!!  Among other things,
it loads flyer sound clips!!

Also of interest to Toaster/Flyer users is Nova Design which will be
presenting the latest upgrade to their well known graphics manipulation
software, ImageFX 4.0, now with animation capabilities built in.  Nova
Design will have a booth at AmiWest and will be presenting seminars on
ImageFX 4.0.

Remember, AmiWest99 is being held on Friday through Sunday, July 23-25,
at the Holiday Inn, Sacramento NorthEast, in Sacramento, CA.  Classes and
seminars will be held Friday through Sunday with the exhibit hall being
open on Saturday, July 24th from 10 A.M.  - 5 P.M and Sunday, July 25th
10 A.M. - 4 P.M.

Specially priced tickets for AmiWest99 are available in advance by mail.
Prices are: two day admission tickets, $12 and one day admission ticket,
$8.  If you elect to purchase tickets at the door, the prices are:  two
day ticket at the door, $15 and One day ticket at the door, $10.  If you
are ordering a one day ticket by mail, please specify which day (Saturday
or Sunday) you are attending.

There will be a banquet dinner on Saturday evening, July 24th.  Price is
$35 per plate.  Banquet tickets must be purchased in advance.  They will
NOT be sold on Friday nor Saturday due to the hotel needing attendance
figures for planning the banquet.

You can mail your requests for advanced admission and banquet tickets to:

      c/o Sacramento Amiga Computer Club
      P.O. Box 19784
      Sacramento, CA 95819-0784

Make checks payable to "AmiWest".

Special hotel room rates are available at the Holiday Inn for those
attending AmiWest99.  Room rates are $ 79 (Single) and $ 89 (double)
if reservations are made by July 1.  You must mention that you are
attending AmiWest to get the special rate.  You can phone the Holiday Inn
at 1-916-338-5800, 1-800-388-9284 (Tool Free - Hotel directly) or
1-800-465-8329 (Toll Free - Holiday Inn Reservation Number) to make hotel

Hope to see you at AmiWest99 on July 23-24, 1999,

John Zacharias, Chairperson, AmiWest99
AmiWest website