From Fri Apr 30 12:11 MET 1999
Subject: PPC information


 this is just a small press information on my PPC programs.

 Recent tests have shown, that the latest versions of
 nearly all of my PPC programs - including SView/PPC and
 the akDatatypes - do perfectly work together with
 Frank Wille's ppc.library emulation for WarpOS,
 starting with V0.6b.

 Unfortunately, WarpOS V4.0 only does include V0.6 - however,
 the newest version always can be found on Frank's homepage

 Using the ppc.library emulation yet is the recommended
 way of running my programs under WarpOS - although a few
 programs/modules already do exist as WOS versions (which
 mainly still are under development and not yet complete).

 SView/PPC and the akDatatypes do offer preferences options
 for switching between the two possible selections under
 WOS: the emulation will be utilized when auto-detection
 and the respective "ppclib emu" option are enabled.

 As a matter of fact, the "ppc kernel controversy" now
 is solved, at least regarding PerSuaSiVe SoftWorX products.

 Thanks for listening.

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