ImageFX 4.1 Update Disk
Copyright  1999 Nova Design, Inc.
All Rights Reserved


Revision History



ImageFX        Fixed multiple selected paint gadgets.

ReliefMap      Fixed multiple selected direction gadgets.

ImageFX        Added cycle gadget to layer manager to show
           and/or change the layer mode in effect.

ImageFX        Added ToSwap option to FlattenLayers to create a
           new buffer with the flattened image.

ImageFX        New arexx command CopyLayer.

ImageFX        Added some layer macro recording functions.

ImageFX        Fixed virtual memory (trashed lines) problems in
           cropping and cutting brushes.

Text           Fixed the lack of mask generation for
           standard Amiga font brushes.

BMP        Fixed that silly BMP colormap problem.

ImageFX        ImageFX no longer automatically flattens
           layers of brushes.  This lets you load
           animations as brushes for use with the
           Animate Brush.  Hopefully something else
           won't break horribly because of this.

ImageFX        NewRequestA() now allocates a minimum of
           256 bytes for its internal string buffer,
           fixing memory overrun if you send it only "%s"
           as the format string.

Text           Cleaned up a lot of error handling, now reports
           errors with more descriptive text.

PaintFX        I think I fixed the problems with PaintFX
           not working right since 3.0.  It now converts
           the brushes it loads to RGB before running the
           effect.  Also fixed some enforcer hits caused
           by lack of buffer bounds checking.  Also fixed
           mungwall hits from an improper mask allocation.

ImageFX        Added back some ancient compatibility code to
           the gadget subsystem that was missing since
           3.0.  This should fix the problem of gadgets
           not remembering their state in eg. scanner
           and render modules.  (FYI the NewGad struct
           is now updated to reflect changes made during
           the life of the gadgets.  I didn't really want
           to have to do this but it was a lot easier
           than trying to update all the offending
           modules to set the initial NewGad array

Charcoal       Fixed the conversion inaccuracy in the Charcoal
           options window that caused the penetration to keep

ImageFX        Added UseSave, UseNail, ForceNail options to
           the Arexx RequestFile command.  Updated

Text           Okay I got the Postscript rendering working
           but it currently has a rather large drawback
           in that it uses a staggering amount of memory
           to generate the text.  Fixing this will require
           someone with a lot more PostScript language
           knowledge than me.

ImageFX        ImageFX no longer calls BeginRexxCommands() &
           FinishRexxCommands() with each ParseCommand()
           invocation.  (Not that that means anything to
           anybody.)  The result is a hook launched
           from the shell can redraw the preview
           with the normal redrawing functions again.

ImageFX        Fixed a really obscure bug in Ged_OpenWindow/
           Ged_CloseWindow.  If a hook opened two
           modal windows simultaneously (such as using
           DoPreviewWindow() and inside that calling
           an Errorf() requester), after closing the
           second window the hook could no longer
           receive any input from the ImageFX preview
           due to incorrect restoral of the main
           ImageFX's IDCMP signal task.  Anyway, it's
           fixed now. :)

ImageFX        Fixed slight memory leak in the realtime airbrush
           when used with an alpha channel present.

ImageFX        Fixed crash if you attempted to undo a realtime
           airbrush stroke that was drawn on the alpha
           channel while still showing the alpha channel.

ImageFX        Shows the delay for each frame in the layer
           manager.  Added Set Frame Delay menu to the
           popup to set one or more frames' delay time.

GIF        GIF saver saves the new frame delay settings.

ImageFX        Double-clicking a frame now opens a requester
           to let you modify it's delay setting.

ImageFX        Fixed problems/crashes with using the thumbnail
           requester to load sequences.  (It was using
           a bogus cached directory tree which came from
           the prefs file.)

GIF        GIF loader now loads and stores the frame delay

ImageFX        By popular demand, ImageFX now stores a delay
           time with each frame which it uses during
           playback.  Note that if you use a large delay
           times, there will be a substantial latency between
           the time you click the stop playback button and
           the time the playback actually stops.

ImageFX        Fixed Mask Path string in the default paths

Text           Fixed some memory leaks and cleaned up some
           interaction problems between the Text hook and

ImageFX        Added more sanity checks to ShowBrush() so it
           no longer crashes if you give it coordinates
           outside the preview window bounds.

Text           Now redraws and updates layer manager after
           generating text to a layer.

ImageFX        Added NotifyOfChange() to scan.library.

ANIM           Fixed crash when loading a single frame.

ImageFX        No longer calls FX module on alpha channel
           when the 'A' gadget is selected, if the
           FX module has not indicated that it can
           handle greyscale.  Fixes crashes when using
           False Color and Color Balance with the 'A'
           gadget selected.

Text           Improved placement of brush preview when you
           click on the preview window.

Text           Fixed memory trashing when deleting a brush
           created by the Text hook.

GIF        GIF saver now includes a global palette in
           the first frame (why I had commented that out is
           a complete mystery to me).

GIF        Modified behavior of GIF loader when handling
           GIFs that don't specify a background color.
           It now assumes that the transparent color is
           the background color in the absence of any
           other information.


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