_#TWF News.#_
#1. Explorer 2260 Update.#
#2. Maim & Mangle Update.#
#3. Next News Update#

#1. Explorer 2260 Update.#

This is what has been added (on the design and programming end of things) to Explorer 2260 in June.
- Core system, file operation and synchronisation code complete.
- High-level command interpreter V1 (non-optimised) complete.
- external game preferences and startup module complete.
Unfortunately outside development commitments have got in the way and could reduce the amount of
work that can be done on the game (programming side of things) over the next couple of months.
Hopefully this won't affect the current release schedule too much.

#2. Maim & Mangle Update.#

Well this month has had quite a lot of developments over the past month. These include:
- First screenshots of the present game engine have been put on to the TWF website
  These are early pictures of the engine and will have quite a few improvements in appearance
  over the next few months.
- 3D landscape has now been added to the engine (screenshots of it in a week or thereabouts).  
- Units can be moved.
- A secondary window on the GUI allows up to 3 units selected to display the viewpoint
  from their perspective (this will go from wireframe to fully texturemapped depending
  on the specification of the amiga).
- 16 bit mode (only CVPPC/BVPPC)
- scroll the camera with the mouse.
- transparencies on the remote unit marker
- shadows (yeah, units/buildings leave their shadow on the terrain). Work still to be done
  on that to improve the look.
- min obj, to speedup the engine when using zoom factor 3
- New Terrain Editor
- I'm sure there are loads of other stuff added that I've forgot about it's been updated
  so much recently. :)

There are still loads to do in July of-course and these include:
- a new gui (maybe based on semi-transparent floating windows)
- more fx effects
- first AI implementation

There was also several work on our internal development tool, M3D editor and Terrain editor.
A decision on the new GFX artist(s) for Maim & Mangle will be made this Monday/Tuesday
(as long as it's not the end of the world on Sunday :).

#3. Next News Update#

31st July/1st August

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