Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 10:27:12 +0100
From: Paul Lesurf 
Subject: [FUSION] More info - Fusion/PCx PPC module specs...


Full featured Pentium II processor level emulation, using dual CPU support.
The 68K CPU handles the video, audio, and other I/O, while the PPC CPU is
used strictly for x86 emulation/translation. Both CPUs are used
simulatenously! Support for Windows 3.1/95/98, enhanced video support (VESA
modes), and much more!


PowerMac emulation! The ability to run Macintosh native PowerPC applications
on your Amiga! Option to use the 68K CPU to execute 68K instructions instead
of allowing the PowerMac to emualte the 68K CPU (like normal), resulting in
dual processor usage! The same great features of the original FUSION, with
support for the latest Macintosh PPC OS!




Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 10:23:14 +0100
From: Paul Lesurf 
Subject: [FUSION] Fusion PPC / PCx PPC - Initial Specification

Many people have understandably asked for a little more information about
the PPC modules prior to pledging their
advance order so the project is completed.

Therefore, I am pleased to pass on the basic advantages with these modules.

Obviously, speed it going to be a big attraction, but here is a brief

Fusion PPC:

o  Will run all current PPC supporting Mac OS versions
o  Will require/support compatible PPC Mac ROM image on release, with
   future support for iMac system CD (ROM-less) targeted
o  Use of the 68K CPU to handle 68K CPU instructions, instead of allowing
   the MAC to emulate the 68K CPU.
o  Will be highly compatible with current PPC Mac software (you already
   know how good Fusion 68K compatibility is!)


o  Will run Windows 95/98
o  Faster all round emulation
o  Improved video support, all VESA modes supported
o  Improved Audio

Both emulations offer no more restriction over the 68K versions, only

I hope this will answer initial questions, and allow those close to ordering
to actually do so.