Look What You're Missing! June/July 1999


   o TekTALK: Continuing the Vision - Joe Tracy announces the new
     editor-in-chief of NewTekniques.

   o FEATURE: Thumb Wars, Thumbville USA - Dick De Jong and Molly Dinkins
     take you inside the minds and office of O Entertainment, "The
     battlefield, is a studio in a rustic office park in San Juan Capistrano
     - the home of O Entertainment, the budding brain child of Steve
     Oedekerk. Inside Thumbville, animators, compositors, and editors were
     feverishly working their fingers to the bone to finish Thumb Wars, a
     hilarious parody of the original Star Wars films."

   o TUTORIAL: A Gas With Glass, Seeing Through the Mysteries of Transparency
     - Dave Jerrard teaches you the principles behind realistically modelling
     transparent objects. A tutorial for LightWave 3.5+ / 5.5+

   o TUTORIAL: The Sky's the Limit, Using LightWave's SkyTracer Plug-In -
     Jared Brookes simplifies the use of the SkyTracer plug-in so you can
     make the most of it.

   o TUTORIAL: LightWave in Sony DCS, Parts 1 and 2 - "We start by coming
     through theater doors into a virtual movie theater, and move through
     five "worlds of entertainment" shown on the movie screen." Chris Seiler
     takes you step-by-step through the creation of a Sony Digital Cinema
     Sound LightWave promotional video.

   o TUTORIAL: ??? - A bonus surprise tutorial from Dave Jerrard.

   o TUTORIAL: ??? - A bonus surprise tutorial from Scott Wheeler.

   o Wave F/X: Starship Troopers, Bringing CG Characters To Life - Greg
     Nelson gives you an inside look at the all-CGI Starship Troopers
     television series.

   o Mojo: Star Wars: Episode 1, Bring Me the Head of Jar-Jar Binks - Mojo
     saw The Phantom Menace; but, did he like it? What advice does he have
     for George Lucas to consider while making the next epsiode?

   o Plugged In: Explosive LScript Programming, Part II, Projectile Motion -
     Bob Hood introduces the KaBob effectee script, so that you can get
     things in motion.

   o Renders - Artwork from Nick Boughen, Bobby Ware, Matt Thelin and Bob

   o NEW COLUMN LightWave Fundamentals: Disco Ball - An introductory tutorial
     series for LightWave 3D by Jared Brookes. In this first part of the
     series, learn how to model your own discothéque from the floor up.

The Gateway (special section)

   o First Words: Customer Support - Words from dhomas trenn, "Service, more
     than a smile."

   o Second Words: The NEW NewTekniques Online - dhomas trenn introduces the
     new and enhnaced online bonus area for NewTekniques readers.

   o FEATURE: Fonts, Fonts, Fonts: A whole world of font fun ready and
     waiting for you - What if you could use TrueType fonts with ToasterCG?
     What if you could use standard postscript fonts in almost any Amiga
     program? Or maybe you're just bored of two-dimensional, one color
     fonts? dhomas trenn tells you how you can get around the Amiga's lack
     of support for TrueType and Type 1 format fonts in most Amiga
     applications, how to organize your fonts, how to speed up the font
     requester, and introduces you to some very impressive free and
     commercial font enhancement software.

   o REVIEWS: - Cine.Man Toast Project Studio One/Two, Font Machine, Candy
     Factory Pro, and Wedding Wipes.

   o Flying High: To Leave the Amiga or not to Leave... - The Video Toaster
     NT, is expected to be released in the very near future. Should you buy
     one immediately? Should you give up your Flyer? Flyer master Joe Tracy
     tells you what he thinks.

   o Toast Master: Seeking to Obscure - Bohus Blahut teaches techniques to
     hide a person's identity, obscure license plates, hide objectionable
     t-shirt messages, cover up nudity and more. Video and Audio solutions
     for your Video Toaster.

   o Image Effects - When cecilia gets going, there's no stopping her. This
     issue, you get not one, not two, but three ImageFX tutorials:

      o Color Curves - cecilia continues to share her image processing
        wisdom. This time, she's taking you on an excursion to the Culloden
        battlefield in Scotland, to explore the world of Color Curves. She's
        got knowledge from the nuns, tips for The Exorcist and X-Files fans,
        the low-down, the high-down and the mids in between. In case that
        isn't enough, there's more...

      o The Saga of the Ripple and the Wipe - The great tale of the adventure
        into the world of creating a ripple wipe effect. How to create a
        water ripple transition between still images or animation sequences.
        And more...

      o Safety In Numbers - With so many different aspect ratios and
        resolutions being used in video/film today, it can be a bit
        confusing and often difficult to make the proper adjustments
        (cropping, scaling, panning, etc.) when trying to move from one
        format to another. What's needed is a simple way to overlay Action
        and Title Safe Area guides so you can see what you're doing. Find
        out what it all means, and learn how to do it the easy way.

   o Silicon Alchemy: PowerPC and Reality? - What's all the fuss about? What
     can or can't PowerPC do for your Amiga? How good is it? What about the
     future? Dave Haynie answers these questions and many more.

   o Insight: Conversions - dhomas trenn gives you some insight on simple and
     quick language translation, reading Microsoft Word documents on the
     Amiga, accessing clip-art graphic formats, converting HTML to standard
     text, and quick ways to read FinalWriter and ProWrite documents.

   o The Idea Factory: Video Slide Shows - Bob Ketchum -chhk- has some great
     ideas -chhk- for making money. -chhk- This time -chhk- he tackles
     something so fundamental, -chhk- so easy, -chhk- that literally -chhk-
     NO prior experience is needed. -chhk- It's fast -chhk- and maybe fun
     too. This time, -chhk- it's Video Slide Shows. -chhk- He's also got
     some good advice on using copyrighted music in your productions.

   o Business Matters: First Impressions - We hear it all the time: First
     impressions go a long way. This is especially true in business
     relationships. A client's first contact with you can decide whether or
     not you will get their business. Join Kevin Hanley in Business Matters
     for some tips on how to make a good first impression.

   o The Producers' Lounge: Why Aren't You Surfing the Net? - Kermit Woodall
     takes you on a trip around the world wide web to get you acquainted
     with some important and useful information resources.

   o News - G3/G4 PPC Coming to Amiga, Amiga Changes Continue, Amigas at
     NASA, AmiWest'99.


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