(General reply to all posts in this thread)

This has been a very constructive thread with good ideas and insights.
One thing is clear from reading all of your responses … I haven’t given
you enough information on our Amiga NG plans. People are still unclear
on the strategy and plans because of the limited information we have
released.  This is obviously my fault not yours. One thing you should
feel good about is that this thread was very influential in changing my
communication plans. After reading your responses I decided to scrap
the June executive letter that I had prepared and rewrite it. I want to
give the Amiga community more information about the Amiga NG
architecture and vision.

There were many recurring questions and suggestions in your responses.
I will address these questions and suggestions in my “new” June letter
that will be posted late Monday or early Tuesday this week. This is
more effective than posting answers to each of you individually and it
will also inform others in the community.

One topic I would like to address here is the one regarding
opportunities for current Amiga developers. There is a concern that we
will bring in large software developers and eliminate opportunities for
smaller developers. I have also heard concerns that the new Amiga will
never take off without support from major software developers. I have
given a lot of thought to this situation and the only answer is that we
must maintain a healthy balance. We need some popular software titles
from large companies but there will still be significant opportunities
for the small Amiga developer. Someone posted that we were already far
ahead with the large software companies and we haven’t released any
information to Amiga development groups. This isn’t accurate. We are
talking to large software companies but only to get them interested. It
takes time to build a relationship with these companies. They will not
get any of the technical details required for software programming
before the Amiga community does.

I hope this helps for now. Thanks for the input. I will look forward to
more input once you have read my June letter.