Once upon time..

On the shelf of the computer store were 3 image manipulation programs.
Customer was wondering, which one should he buy. One of the programs told
him to by it, because it's best image processing software for Amiga. Another
proclaim itself best program in the whole world. Customer ask from third one
the same question. Third one answered with a grin on his face; "I'm not as
well known as those others. I'm only best on this shelf.."

"And what's is your name", customer asked smiling.

"Image Engineer", program answered.

"And why would I buy you", customer wondered.

"Please, take a seat. This might take a minute."

"Like everyone seems used to say, me either aren't like the others. I'd say
I'm something brand-new, if this was the case, but I'm the same program than
2 years ago. Even then I was unusual program. I could do hundreds of things
that couldn't be possible with others. Someone might say they aren't needed
or they could be better, but that's just lies. Other programs have Big
Effects, you are forced to use, but I'm build of small effects. By combining
them together, you can build these big effects (if you wish) or create your
own ones. As I always open new window after an effect, you always see all
the material on my screen at once. With tutorials included with me and
tutorials at my website, you'll get the idea. Sometimes you ofcourse just
want to load an image and press "Go". A good friend of mine has combined
these small effects together, so (for example) all you need to do for
creating a puzzle from image, you just press a mouse button.. well, twice.."

"Did this thing have a name", customer asks.

"Under name, Visual Engineering, there's many add-ons to be used with me.
They are separate products, but their power can also be combined together.
My friend is a nice guy, he gives most of them for free. Some of them are
very complex (but still user friendly) and have been so time consuming, that
it is just fair to ask a small registration fee from them.."

"There's one thing, that bothers me..", customer starts and continues then:
"If there's many small effects for you to calculate, then can you really
handle it all in reasonable time?"

"Sure. I've always been fast, whatever I do. Question you should ask is, can
these other programs calculate big resolution images with all the multiple
layers, alphachannels and their heavy effects, in reasonable time. I hope
they aren't telling you they could do it in realtime with reasonable

"Well, I've mostly been reading their feature lists..", customer confess.

"How about, if you try demoversion of Image Engineer and it's add-ons for
some time and then we'll get back to this?"

"That might be a good idea", customer says.

"Remember that I'm always there giving you personal help, if you need it."

"Great. I'll keep this in my mind. See you later."

DEMO version of Image Engineer is available at it's website:

Visual Engineering (add-ons for Image Engineer) are available at:

Marko Seppänen