- THOR -

                              Release 2.6

            Copyright (C) 1993-1999 Ultima Thule Software,
                         All Rights Reserved.

THOR  2.6  is an advanced multi-format offline reader, supporting the
QWK,  Fido,  UUCP,  SOUP,  Bluewave, Omen, ABBS, MBBS and Hippo (BBBS)
message  formats.  It will also handle TCP-connections with NNTP, SMTP
and POP3, with extensive MIME support.

Changes from 2.5a to 2.6:
- New Save window added.
- The main listview has complete support for proportional fonts now.
  There's a slight speed penalty involved with using proportional
  fonts due to some extra calculations required for the wrap code, but
  it shouldn't be too bad.
- Fixed so that GETCURRENTSYSTEM from an ARexx enter/leave script will
  report the correct conference at all times.
- SAVEMESSAGE from ARexx has several new arguments.
- The conferences window now has a tree-view layout, with configurable
  folder setup etc.
- Trippled the minimum stack size due to reports of a possible problem
  with the stack on advanced multipart messages.
- You will now be allowed to Edit Data on a Forward Msg event and add
  a text comment, or remove the previous text comment.
- Previous search results will now be cleared in all conferences and
  not just those that matches the current result.
- The TAB key or the small gadget marked 'S' can now be used to  toggle
  selection of all enties in all requesters where multiple entries can
  be selected from a list (eg. To Name/Address when sending mail,
  joining groups, etc).
- Added FilterThor to the external menu. FilterThor is a new MUI based
  tool to configure sortmail triggers.
- Added conferences field in the attachment listview in the pack/purge

+ many bug fixes and improvements

There is a newsgroup for Thor with the name of alt.sys.amiga.thor.  If
the group is not available at your newsserver, ask for it by sending a
mail to your system admin.

Mailing Lists:

The old THOR mailing list has be resurrected. To subscribe to this list,

send a mail to majordomo@thule.no with
                       "subscribe thor-ml (email address)" in the body.

There is a mailing list for developers of programs and ARexx scripts
related to THOR. To subscribe to this list, send a mail to
majordomo@thule.no with "subscribe thor-dev " in the
body. If you have no interest in making scripts or programs related
to THOR, you do not need to join this mailing list.

    Petter Nilsen

    EMail THOR Team: thor@thule.no
    WWW site:        http://www.thule.no/
    EMail:           pettern@thule.no
    IRC:             Mitchman