This is information about a new audiocard for the Amiga.
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The ParSID is a piece of hardware designed to hook up to the
parallell port of a computer.

It allows you to connect up to 8 SID-Chip to your computer,
and to access them in a very easy and convenient way.

The SID is an old chip designed by Bob Yannes back at the early 80'ies,
to produce the sound in microcomputers like the famous Commodore 64.
Because of the many many great composers that where hired to compose
songs for the games on that particular computer, the capabilities of
the SID were quickly spread among "normal" people, who came to remember
the games for their music, and not for the actual gameplay.

The SID is capable of doing alot of things that todays "Digital Analog"
synthesizers like the JP-8000 brag about, for example:

* 3 independent oscillators with waveforms such as:
* Hardsync oscillators
* "Ringmodulation"
* 12 dB/Octave rolloff filters:
* And alot more...

The main reason for the game music to sound "computermade", is that
the composer only have ONE single SID to compose on. This forces him
to cheat alot, and to only use the filter on one oscillator for example.

How do you make a 4-note chord with only 3 oscillators? Together with
a bassline and some drums? Not to forget the lead..

With 8 SID's it's a whole different thing! Now you suddenly have
24(!) oscillators, 8 filters, and no additional noise except from
the SID itself!

Add a comprehensive composing tool and you have a pretty darn good
sounding synthesizer!

There will also be a replacement for playsid.library that will support
the card, so you can listen to SID-songs for real on the Amiga using
your favourite player like HippoPlayer!

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                / Anders Andersson