Dear Customer

We have posted the message below to all those Fusion PPC pre-payment
customers, but many seen to have not received it. If you have received
it and have placed your payment details on the secure server *PLEASE

There is no need to place the order again.


Dear Customer,

We are now in a position to inform you of the next stage in pre-ordering
the Fusion PPC module.

So far, you have pledged your support in pre-paying Microcode Solutions
for the Fusion PPC module, on the understanding that the module will be
shipped within 60 days of the 500th pre-payment being received.

Because Microcode Solutions are concentrating their full efforts on the
programming aspects, they have asked Blittersoft to take on the
processing of the orders on their behalf.

Please note that for the duration of the pre-payment offer by Microcode
Solutions, Blittersoft will not be acting as Microcode Solutions
distributor. We will be acting strictly as their legally appointed

This means that we are acting purely on their behalf to assist in the
speedy processing of the pre-payment agreements and Blittersoft have no
power or authority regarding shipping dates or progress updates. Any
for information regarding your order and product progress must be made
directly to Microcode Solutions.

If you use our services as the appointed agent for Microcode Solutions,
you are accepting our position in full and acknowledge that Blittersoft
are acting as an order-processing agent only.

Microcode Solutions have stated that they will deliver the product no
later than 60 days after the 500th successful pre-order payment has been
If the product is not shipped after this period, you may if you wish
request a refund in writing only to Microcode Solutions, Inc. Microcode
Solutions will then make a refund within 30 days of receiving this
written request.

If you do not accept these terms, you are not authorised to use our
pre-order service on our Web site and cannot take part in the
pre-payment offer.

If you are happy to comply with these conditions, you may proceed to the
pre-payment process by clicking pointing your browser to:

(Or go to, and select the Amiga section then
the Fusion PPC logo.)

By taking this action you are agreeing in full with the terms of this

You will be charged the sterling equivalent of $149.95 US + shipping.
Please note that all EC customers will incur the standard VAT charges
unless they can fax an EC VAT number to +44 (0)1908 261488)

Please read the above information carefully before placing your
pre-payment order.

Remember, the faster you respond, the faster we process all 500+
pre-orders and the sooner the module will be released.