Press release 25 April 1999

AmigaRA, the web site that hosts a petition to port RealPlayer
for the Amiga, is today one year old !

Happy birthday, but its time to do some historic :

 * Real replied one year ago they had already too much problems
   with the G2 player (unsolved problems yet, as the Linux G2
   version isn't out even by now)

 * AmigaRA didn't go into real work or heavy contacts with Real
   now for two reasons :
   a) We have to wait that Real releases all G2 version to start
   asking them about porting it to the Amiga
   b) We'll have to see first with Amiga Inc, they could maybe
   help us on that matter

 * The total of promised money is...           US$  31'904  !!!

Future :

In the next months, new mailing-lists will be started, one for
developers, and another one for users...

For more information, please contact