We have a few new announcements now...

Some more Space Station 3000 screenshots are on the way very soon and we
hoping to finalise the system requirements very soon as well. A demo
be released very soon... We are hoping for the game to be complete very

Amiga Style has been cancelled becuase there are enough Amiga magazines
the time being and we would like to concentrate on software development.

Wipeout 2097 is progressing well and a demo and screenshots will be
soon. We can't guarantee a certain release date, but we will do our best
make it available soon.

We apologise for the Digital Images club for being un-available for a
time. We attempting to automate it. When it is ready, we will post the
information to our website and to our mailing lists.

We have also set up a new mailing list called Gathering of Amiga
This list is open to all people who are/would like to be involved in the

development of Amiga software. From here, people can exchange ideas,
each other out and get new people to join their teams. To join the list,

just send a blank e-mail to goad-suscribe@egroups.com

We also have 2 other mailing lists-an announce only list and a full
discussion list. These can be joined by sending a blank e-mail to:

Announce Only List: digital-images-news-subscribe@egroups.com
Full Discussion List: digital-images-scubscribe@egroups.com

We will keep you updated with the Kijitsu Warriors and Digital Soccer
development. If you join our news list, you will be the first to hear
latest news!

Any questions can be e-mailed to info@digital-images.demon.co.uk If
there is
something that you feel should be sent directly to me, then e-mail

As always, our homepage is available at

Best Regards

Stuart Walker

Digital Images