Amiga Yellow Pages now has an easy to remember URL!

Thanks to, Amiga Yellow Pages can now be found by
entering on your browser.

Amiga Yellow Pages continues to grow with new entries arriving every week
and increased traffic. It has already passed the 10,000 hits barrier since
starting out last June.

Remember, Amiga Yellow Pages is FREE, non profit making and WORLD-WIDE!
From User-groups to large companies, you can be listed in AYP and all that
is asked of you is a return link back to us from your website.


If you have Amiga products to sell, but can't afford your own website Amiga
Yellow Pages can design a large display advertisement similar to the one
for Fore-matt Home computing, look under "S" for Software Vendors to get
an idea, note: large ads are at my discretion and cost you nothing!!!

We are also looking for more Amiga Usergroups for listing in our user-group

AYP is in Association with AmigaSoc and Amiga Survivor.

Amiga Yellow Pages. If you're not in, you're seriously losing out.