> Hello Mr. Domeyer,

Dear Mr. Krenzelok,

> my name is Petr Krenzelok, and I am active in Amiga lands for a few
> years, so knowing your company, talking with Dave. I've just read your
> post to comp.os.qnx and have a few questions. So If you don't mind
> answer my questions and let them beeing published on our Czech Amiga
> News page, here we go:
> - you now announced interest in QNX operating system as the main OS
> beeing used for your met@box products. But if I remember correctly,
> you originally planned to use Linux. Can you explain, please, why
> you changed your mind here?

At the time being Linux is on one hand a little too big to manage a
small and really user-friendly system; on the other hand we are still
missing some multimedia capabilities. In the QNX area, we have
found some very professional programmers working with us.

Let me say something in addition: there will be a range of different
Met@box products, some of these will run under QNX.

> - are you planning to use QNX4 or QNX neutrino?

We start with QNX 4 right away, but we are prepared to ship with
Neutrino as soon as it will be in product status.

> - as the backgroud of your company is related to the Amiga, and Amiga
> Inc. is new partner to QNX for multimedia products such as Amiga OS5,
> it leads us to some speculations: will you use Amiga OS5 for your
> multimedia products, once it arrives, or is it just the case of
> accident?

The core of Met@box systems is our own user interface, which is
not only different to all the others, but received a warm welcome by
many high-level multimedia journalists. We will put it on top of the
QNX (...Neutrino) Kernel and some device drivers. I personally (and
maybe others too) cannot see right now what an "Amiga OS5"
should give us in addition.

> - are you in any negotiations with Amiga Inc. to build hw products for
> their upcoming OS 5?

They got our offer on PIOS ONE a year ago. They didnt want to
make hardware by that time at all. But if GW2k would ask us. our
answer would still be to make everything which keeps the soul of
the Amiga alive. Our conribution would be there.

> - as for the Amiga Classic market: Amiga OS3.1 (3.5) has (is going to
> have) some kind of PPC support. Now when Haage & Partner will finish 68K
> emulation soon, and as far as I know Pios One was merely finished, is it
> possible you will release such machine, beeing clear PPC design in the
> opposite to various existing kludges in Amiga Classic market? Maybe
> some surverou could help you find out, if there is such demand in the
> current amiga market.

Such system from Metabox AG could start from a 603e up to
4x604, and certainly we buy a lot of G3 at IBM. Sure, a survey
would be of interest for us.

> Thanks for your answers.

Thanks and best regards,

Stefan Domeyer

> Regards,
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> mailserver from time to time? ... Thanks ....
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Stefan Domeyer
President & CEO
Metabox Infonet AG