Met@box Infonet AG (http://www.metabox.de) is going to announce the
of QNX as the platform for the met@box. Coming from the Amiga, we are
ready to
launch a range of products: Internet-Set-Top Box, DataBroadcast Systems,
Computer, Desktop Workstations. CPU´s being used are Cyrix Media GXM and
soon) PowerPC´s.

Our vision is not only surfing the net, but providing FUN to the users.
Therefore, we are looking for people wanting to team up with us to
applications for Online, Gaming, Publishing, Communication, Content
We are open to all ideas, as long as it´s not MS-XXX. We are in Germany
and the US (NJ and PA). All contacts to start with please email me:

domeyer@metabox.de (Stefan Domeyer)

Hear from you!

Stefan Domeyer
President & CEO
Metabox Infonet AG