Announcing a new OS project: MorphOS

The target of the Quark microkernel is to provide modern functionality for a
new OS layer and to run most amiga applications as efficiently as possible
in a box enviroment without having old amiga custom chips available. The
goal is NOT to run every single amiga game/demo ever written as this would
forbid certain optimizations, but to run a large amount of the the current
base of amiga application software.

We believe that UAE is good enough to provide the functionality for
applications that demand very true amiga hardware emulation. Demos & Games
are programs which are outdated very fast and they don`t play an important
role in the current amiga market anymore.

Because we believe that AmigaOS`s design is too limiting for newer
technology the real work will be put into developing a new and clean OS
layer on top of the Quark kernel. AmigaOS`s API was nice in its time, but
today it has serious limitations because it doesn`t hide system structures
and has no concept of memory ownership. This doesn`t even cover all kinds of
problems in layers, graphics, intuition or AmigaDOS. As a consequence, we
will not replicate the current AmigaOS API.

So the goal is to develop a new and clean OS with an API which provides
modern functionality without any compromises to the past.

There is a general MorphOS FAQ on the Support Page.

MorphOS team

Ralph Schmidt    Programming
Markus Wild      Programming
Frank Mariak     Programming
Andre Osterhues  Resident Leak
Robert Reiswig   Web Custodian

Current Hardware/Software Setup

A4000 with CyberstormPPC + Symbios 770SCSI
Kickstart 3.1 (Version 40.68) & Workbench 3.1/3.5