For Immediate Release

Napoli, Italy, 25 October 1999

Dear Amigans,
My name is Giorgio Signori, and I am the director of Softwave, a new company
born in Italy this summer. I have been writing on the only Italian Amiga
magazine, Enigma Amiga Run, in the past years, and I am in Amiga
environment since years. After years writing for Amiga, I decided to build
up a new company to publish an Amiga-only, CD-based magazine. After a lot
of work, at the Amiga show Softwave was there with the first issue of, showed during the conference with Petro Tyschtschenko. After
this, we decided to publish, under the name, also
outside Italy. We put much effort in this, translating, for now, the whole
magazine in English. We will show and sell the first issue of at
the next Home Electronics World of Cologne, on 12-14 November.

We hope that the public response will be enough to convince us to keep doing
a multi-language magazine also for the next issues. If so, since the 3rd
issue, we will translate it also in German, as many of you already
requested. In the next days in this site will be published the summary of
the first issue.

But now, some of the highlights of

The magazine part count many important writers here in Italy. Editors like
ing. Massimo Gais, system administrator of the Italian Aminet node and of
the Astronomic Observatory of Naples, like ing. Alessio Cappelli, expert in
Amiga and NetBSD environments. People like Massimo Marino, writer for the
biggest selling videogames magazine in Italy, The Games Machine, and Nick
Mordock, experienced Amiga writer since years. Not to mention Andrea
Favini, the 3000+ staff and Laura Falzone, writers of proved experience.

The CD part of differs from what we are used to see on the
market. it will not be a simple shareware collection. Of course it will
contain the recent shareware software from month to month, with index and
search function, but it will be thematic. The first issue of,
published only in Italian, had Linux as theme of the month, with a
RedHatPPC distribution and a serie of articles dedicated to installation of
Linux, but not only. Every month a different theme will fill the CD. I can
anticipate that on the issue that will be presented at Cologne, there will
be a much requested Linux68k/RedHat68 distribution, and a special on Star
Wars on Amiga.

I am available for every question, I will be happy to give all the answers
you may need, if you are a user or an Amiga distributor/reseller. You can
find me at the mailbox

Giorgio Signori
Director of Softwave