Trogladite Software, as you probably know, has gained lots of divisions.
However, we now want to restructure the whole thing. Basically what we
need are teams of people. Below is a complete list of what we need.
To apply, send to putting the title
of the team as the subject.

TITLE: Trogsoft Insider Team
NEEDS: 1x Researcher
       1x Writer
       1x Graphician
TASKS: Basically, Trogsoft Insider is the name of the Mailing list which
       was announced all those many weeks ago. It's not taken off too
       well, and we now want to provide an online version complete with
       all the important Amiga news and events, etc. A text version will
       also be needed to send out to subsribers.

TITLE: Tutorial Team
NEEDS: Lots of Tutorial writers
TASKS: This is for the section of Trogsoft which has recently been set up
       by Andrew McCombe called AmigaSchool. It's a site which will contain
       loads of Amiga related tutorials, and Andrew would appreciate any
       help the Amiga community has to offer in the way of tutorial writing.
       Take a look at

TITLE: Ideas Team
NEEDS: People who have ideas about what programs the Amiga needs
TASKS: This is probably the least demanding of the teams here. Basically,
       when you have a good idea about what we could make for the Amiga,
       send it to one of the developers at Trogladite Software,
       and we'll take it from there.

TITLE: Graphics Team
NEEDS: Dedicated 3D and 2D graphicians
TASKS: We've already got a head of the Graphics team, but we need more
       people to help with graphics for both games, and applications.
       If you can help, PLEASE get in touch.

TITLE: Sound Team
NEEDS: People who can record/make high quality IFF sound samples
TASKS: This is the team the developers will turn to when they want samples
       for their games, or applications.

TITLE: Developers Team
NEEDS: Some Application Developers
       Some Games Developers
       Note that applying for these does not mean you have to only develop
       applications if you apply for application developer. You can do either.
TASKS: Basically, we want to build up a team of dedicated developers who
       basically program things. We're looking for people to join Trogsoft
       who would maybe be willing to take over the development of some of
       our older products to bring them up to date.

TITLE: Diskmag Team
NEEDS: A few editors
       Several writers
TASKS: We have taken over The-Point diskmag recently and would like 1 editor
       and a few writers to keep it going under the Trogladite Software name.
       We're also looking for any new ideas for diskmags so we can develop
       our Diskmags division ever further.

Note that, if desired, all members of team can get address.

If you think you could offer your services in any other way then please also
get in touch. Remember that address:
and you can still sign up for the Trogsoft Insider by sending a blank email
to and don't forget to join the World Of Amiga
diskmag eGroup at

Thanks for reading,

Neil Bullock
Trogladite Software