aMozillaX intends to offer you the most powerful browser available on any platform.
We have implemented most features available in Mozilla (except skins) and added
many, many more features that should make it your number 1 choice.

Full Features List:

# Layout #

HTML4.0 Compliant "Gecko" Layout Engine

 - Complete support except for bidirectional text layout, which is only used in
   Hebrew and Arabic

 - Style Sheets

       CSS 1 - complete support
       CSS 2 - partial support

 - DOM 1

 - XML 1.0

 - JavaScript 1.5 (inc. ECMAScript compliance)


# Java #

Full Java (Optional)

 - Java Engine supplied by a well known Amiga software company

 - Netscape Grendel Java Mail Client

 - aMozillaIRC Java IRC Client

# Plugin #

Plugin API

 - Propriatary and Arexx plugin API`s

Plugins Included

 - Propriatary

   - Shockwave
   - Real Audio

 - Arexx Plugins

   - There will be a number of Arexx plugins released with aMozillaX

# Network #

Networking dealt with by network.library

 - Intelligent Downloading

   - Downloads are dealt with by an external program that isnt reliant on aMozillaX running.
     This download tool will also have SilentDownload technology, which maximises Bandwidth
     efficiency by only downloading when network.library is idle. (Optional)

 - HTTP1.1, FTP, Gopher

 - SSL 128 bit Encryption

# Other Features #

 - URL Completion (Optional)

 - Remote Access mode - allow someone else to control your browser, using a password protected direct link

 - Assign websites to Hotkeys

 - TV Remote Control, Microsoft Intellimouse (and similar), Input Device support

 - Inbuilt web server (Optional)

 - Magnifying Glass

 - AOL Instant Messenger

 - Full control of GUI - drag and drop toolbars

 - Multiple Selection of Links - pre-select the links you wish to visit, and aMozillaX
   will load them all and you can switch straight to the next link

aMozillaX beta will be released in early May. A full version of aMozillaX will be released at
the World Of Amiga show 1999. aMozillaX will be free and unrestricted.

aMozillaX wil come in 030, 040, 060 pre-compiled binaries. Image libraries will have PPC enhancement.
A PPC native version is expected in August. The source code will be made available and a constant
versioning system (CVS) will be established.

aMozillaX will be working with other developers in order to integrate aMozillaX technology into
a range of other Amiga products.

All Rights Reserved.  1999 The Free Amiga Project

This document may be reproduced as long as the content is not altered in any way.