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|miggyfree|  a cool feature we are building in is the ability for the web page designer to define
             their own little activity button
|miggyfree|  transfer button
|miggyfree|  Tipsy: aMozillaX will come in 030, 040, 060 flavours
|miggyfree|  there will also be limited ppc support
|miggyfree|  IRC client will be similar to the one seen in
|miggyfree|  any other features you would like to see? or any questions?
|duroc|      miggyfree: support for axxs to newgroups like voyager would be good fer me :)

|Tipsy|      So what features will aMozillaX actually have that neither Voyager or IBrowse have ?
|miggyfree|  Tipsy: oh, there are lots
|miggyfree|  I will come equipped with a proper, feature list tommorow
|miggyfree|  All i can say is that we believe aMozillaX will be truly innovative
|miggyfree|  and will be the best browser on any platform
|miggyfree|  and we mean that

|miggyfree|  there may be people who dont believe it, but I am genuinly excited about this, and I intend
             to release a full version at WOA bundled with OS3.5
|miggyfree|  Having spoken further to Bill McEwan i believe this dream can happen

|amirules|   miggy : will the ppl on the amoz team get free os 3.5 ? =)
|miggyfree|  amirules: the developers might.... but not you
|miggyfree|  :)
|miggyfree|  im getting a copy anyway
|miggyfree|  Bill McEwan has promised me

|DrFloppy|   I would like to know if there are plugins for RealAudi and RealVideo
|miggyfree|  DrFloppy: aMozillaX will ship with Real Audio but not Real Video support. Unlike the other
             browsers, this will be internal and support streaming real audio.

|DonJuan|    Whats about Java?
|miggyfree|  Yes it will have Java although we are as yet unsure as to what package, if any we will use

|BOB|        a few questions; are the image decoders being done in c (ported) or in asm (from scratch),
             second aren't you worried that by releasing a free web browser, it could damage the already
             unstable commerical market (ibrowese, voyager etc)?
|miggyfree|  The Image libraries are being written from scratch for speed
|miggyfree|  The Amiga market, in my opinion cant support three commercial browsers anyway, and we must
             respect that it is a free market

|d2|         what ca u tell us about ppc suport & hardware requirements
|miggyfree|  d2: The initial version will have ppc optimised image libraries. The second version,
             due August, will be available in PPC Native
|miggyfree|  aMozillaX will require an 030/8mb minimum
|miggyfree|  040/40 16mb recommended
|miggyfree|  d2: there will be a release in the next two-three weeks
|miggyfree|  d2: it will be available on Aminet

|DonJuan|    will there be problems with OS3.5?
|DonJuan|    will there be an IRC-client?
|miggyfree|  DonJuan: no, in fact we are considering creating a version of aMozillaX which uses
             the Reaction system
|miggyfree|  DonJuan: yes, there will be a Java irc client.

|DrFloppy|   Is there VRML, ActiveX, Shockwave support? What file formats are supported internaly
             and which are supported via datatypes? aMozilla will not go commercial? What kind
             of INTERFACE it have (MUI?)?
|miggyfree|  There will be VRML and Shockwave
|miggyfree|  ActiveX is a windows propriatery format
|miggyfree|  Internally, there will be PNG, GIF, IFF, JPEG, XBM
|miggyfree|  aMozillaX will always be free
|miggyfree|  It has an MUI interface. a Reaction Interface may also be developed

|DrFloppy|   Is there httpresume function included?
|miggyfree|  DrFloppy: our download engine is the most intelligent and powerful engine on any platform

|marmoset|   mozilla is slow, buggy, and lacking many features on it's most supported platform,
             linux-x86.  How can a much smaller team of developers hope to take the mess of source
             and make something more useful than the current amiga browsers? GA
|miggyfree|  marmoset: because aMozillaX is no longer a straight port of Mozilla. It is mainly GECKO,
             a lot of the code is platform independant. The initial versions I have are very fast
             indeed, and the feature list is impressive.

|d2|         wha about speed of html browswr? will it recognize html v 4.0?
|miggyfree|  d2: the html engine will support HTML4.0, including CSS1 and partial CSS2
|miggyfree|  XML, DOM
|miggyfree|  EcmaScript

|DrFloppy|   A function like "GetAllHTML" would be welcome.
|DrFloppy|   while you read one page the others should download as well
|DrFloppy|   and what abour SSL
|miggyfree|  DrFloppy: there is a feature that is similar to that. You can pre-select which links
             you will be viewing, and when you are viewing the first one, the others will be download
|miggyfree|  DrFloppy: there will be SSL

|DonJuan|    whats about MPEG and AREXX-Support?
|miggyfree|  DonJuan: there will be internal MPEG video and audio support.
|miggyfree|  DonJuan: we also have a very powerful Arexx plugin interface, in addition to the
             propriatery plugin interface
|miggyfree|  I have a full feature list here if anyone wants to put it on a webpage (i wont dcc
             it to everyone!)
|miggyfree|  my webpage server isnt responding

|d2|         will java be internal package or external?
|miggyfree|  d2: Java will be external.

|d2|         who will write this?
|miggyfree|  d2: we are currently evaluating the choices
|miggyfree|  d2: we may do our own, or we may use "another" JVM

|DrFloppy|   is there support for background music like midi or mod. format? when can we get
             beta version?
|miggyfree|  DrFloppy: yes, these will be supported
|miggyfree|  it will be made available on a webpage RSN
|miggyfree|  Beta Version in 2-3 weeks
|miggyfree|  we have been slightly delayed due to new features we are adding....
|miggyfree|  but I promise a beta in the first half of May

|\Abraham|   How do you plan to interagate e-mail support? Will it be using it's own internal client
             or will it use a seperate sw (like yam)? Why did MBeck not want to support this idea?
|miggyfree|  It will be using Netscape Grendel Java Mail Client
|miggyfree|  Marcel Beck didnt want to work with us
|\Abraham|   Is that used in NS aswell?
|miggyfree|  Abe: no, but it will be in the next version

|pizza|      whats about working together with holger kruse on the java thing ?
|miggyfree|  pizza: we are evaluating the Java situation. There are 4 alternatives to us.
             Daytona is one of them.

|Wizzard_o|  will it work on my 060 or will error 800000 000004 prevail ?
|miggyfree|  Wizzard_o: there will be 030, 040, 060 binaries
|miggyfree|  the source code will also be available should you wish to compile it yourself

|d2|         what about newsreader support? i want the feature list too:)  when we see more
             screenshots on your page?  what about MIME coding of national charsets?
|miggyfree|  d2: no newsreader. Use Newsrog it rocks. There will be some more screenshots
             in the ext couple of days.

|DonJuan|    Is there any official support by netscape (personal/money/equipment). Do they know
             anything about Amiga?
|miggyfree|  DonJuan: have offered to give us a section on the CVS server. There will
             be some more news on how we will be supported soon.

|DonJuan|    And what about AOL. Do you use only the Instant Messanger without using AOL service?
|miggyfree|  DonJuan: yes, instant messenger isnt AOL only

|DrFloppy|   Will there be any program in style of web server in the future?
|DrFloppy|   with editor like front page
|miggyfree|  aMozillaX will have an extremely intuitive web server built into it (optional)
|miggyfree|  the second version of aMozillaX will have a Editor program

|DrFloppy|   optional?
|DrFloppy|   what do you mean by that?
|miggyfree|  DrFloppy: yes it will be optional
|DrFloppy|   as a plugin?
|miggyfree|  It means you dont have to run the web server part, if you have security concerns

|\Abraham|   How do you intend to support the NG Amiga? Will it have an arexx port? A suggestion:
             How about having a unique feature of being able to customise what each gadget looks
             like from a list of styles? A question: Does it suport GFX cards? Can u use wcams?
             Is there support for java plugins? Will there be support for protoc
|\Abraham|   ols such as usenet? Will it support http 1.1 requests (iirc there is a v1.1)? Will
             it have all the browser specific features from netscape?
|miggyfree|  mmmmn, lots there :)

|\Abraham|   why ?
|miggyfree|  NGAmiga: we will evaluate the situation nearer the time.
|miggyfree|  Arexx Port: yes
|miggyfree|  Gadgets... when the v2.0 is released with the GTK engine you will be able to use themes
|miggyfree|  GFX cards - Yes
|miggyfree|  WebCams: yes
|miggyfree|  Java Plugins: yes
|miggyfree|  http1.1 - yes
|miggyfree|  Last Question: yes

|someone|    Which compiler is used for aMozillaX, and do you intend to release any source code before
             the final version is released? GA
|miggyfree|  someone: StormC, which H+P kindly donated.
|miggyfree|  someone: the source code will be released when Beta1 is released.
|miggyfree|  We go fully open source then...

|d2|         no news support not realy email supp built in why? on old screnshots there will email
             window.  netscape is all in one -  amozilla  only www browser:((
|miggyfree|  d2: there will be Mail, Netscape Grendel...
|miggyfree|  we orgininally planned our own mail program
|miggyfree|  but now we will use the Java mail program for Mozilla, Grendel, with SMTP, POP3 and
             IMAP support

|d2|         what about national charset coding
|d2|         eg: polish, czech charset
|miggyfree|  d2: yes, only Hebrew and Arabic wont really be useable

|d2|         cyrylic'a?
|miggyfree|  d2: yes,

|pizza|      in which form will the sourcecode be provided ? GA
|miggyfree|  pizza: the source will be available via FTP and there will be a CVS server established
             to create atrue multi-developer environment

|someone|    Most people doesn't seem to understand that Mozilla and Netscape is _not_ the same.
             Maybe you should try to make this clearer :)
|someone|    and maybe explain what differences there are ;)

|Tipsy|      miggyfree: explain the differences pls
|miggyfree|  Mozilla is designed to create Netscape 5.0
|miggyfree|  it will be radically different from previous incarnations of Netscape
|miggyfree|  it uses new layout engines etc
|miggyfree|  Mozilla will become Netscape 5.0

|DonJuan|    How many people are currently working for this project? How will be financed further
             versions? GA?
|miggyfree|  DonJuan: there are 8 developers in aMozillaX. Around 15 for Free Amiga project.
|miggyfree|  All our coders are working for free.
*Tipsy       points to the beta testers as well ;)

|\Abraham|   Is it ok with netscape to do this? Will there be a significant speed increase for
             optimised versions? - I had this problem with Ibrowse where in foms there was
             a string gadget with next in it, but in all other browsers it showed up as a button
             (like it was meant to). Will amozzilla have annoying bugs like this? I'm not familiar
             with the mozzilla cocept, is it netscape or what? Is it a name earned by ports of
             netscape??? A doubtful bit of speculation or a possible suggestion if not: Will there
|miggyfree|  Abe: yes. Optimised version will be quicker. An 060 should rock the house. We will
             try to eradicate all bugs
|miggyfree|  Mozilla is the project to design and write Netscape 5.0
|miggyfree|  a lot of the code is new.

|\Abraham|   be support for a webserver? Could there be support 4 a webserver or a seperate program,
             as there is with microsurfs IE?
|miggyfree|  aMozillaX will have an internal web server.

|\Abraham|   How easy is it 2 use?
|\Abraham|   Will it be like apache?
|miggyfree|  Abe: it will be very intuitive to use. It will be a matter of selecting home directory
             and the index file
|miggyfree|  The program does the rest

|d2|         do u bring netscape 5 to amiga?  what can u tell us about other free amiga project?
|d2|         and just morewords about java port
|miggyfree|  d2: aMozillaX will be as good as Netscape 5.0 - it wont be officially N5
|miggyfree|  The Java port will use intuition alike AWT

|d2|         what's AWT?
|miggyfree|  Free Amiga project is also doing aGTK, aSANE, aGIMP
|miggyfree|  Free Amiga project is also about to begin planning a new operating system
|miggyfree|  more details will be released soon
|Tipsy|      correction: bloody good OS ;)
|miggyfree|  AWT is the stuff that draws the windows etc

|DonJuan|    Can I use old aweb ibrowse voyager hotlists? GA
|miggyfree|  DonJuan: yes. Our bookmarks program is really very impressive. You will be able to use it
             standalone, a la contact manager
|miggyfree|  Paul: you can use CM but our bookmarks program will be better.

|DonJuan|    Can you tell some words about aGTK, aSANE, aGIMP. I don´t know these short cuts
|miggyfree|  aGTK is a port of GTK, kinda Linuxs equivelant to MUI. aSANE is a scanner driver system
             that supports TWAIN
|miggyfree|  aGIMP is like Photoshop. But free.

|someone|    Are you afraid that someone else may use your source code to make their own browser? ;)
|miggyfree|  someone: no
|someone|    or use parts of it in a commercial browser
|miggyfree|  someone: if they do that and dont release the code then they will be sued by Netscape
|miggyfree|  we will be working with the developers of two other web browsers to integrate some
             of our code

|\Abraham|   How about a built in IRC, and telnet client and a built in archiver? How about a mailing
             list manager like the one for THor?
|miggyfree|  we will also be working on a Neo Planet style generic GUI system which makes use of other
             browsers layout engines
|miggyfree|  Abe: there will be built in IRC, and we are _considering_ doing a WinZIP style program.
|miggyfree|  Mailing List manager isnt really for a browser.

|miggyfree|  Ok, 3 more questions, then I will leave
|miggyfree|  We can do more of these conferences if you would like

|\Abraham|   How about support for Amitcp and miami and other tcp/ip? Or a built in one? One that will
             leave an icon on your WB saying `internet' and clicking on it will ask if u would like to
             connect b4 running amozzilla.
|\Abraham|   Like Windoze and NS
|miggyfree|  Abe: all TCP stacks will be supported. And yes, we are doing a feature like that

|someone|    Won't having lots of features like irc, archiver, etc only make it bigger and slower, and
             do we really need them.. (we already have amirc,etc)
|miggyfree|  someone: everything will be optional

|ToDi|       sorry, if it was asked before ... when is the release? and when will we see the first
|miggyfree|  we will see a public beta within 2-3 weeks
|miggyfree|  the product will be released at the WOA show

|d2|         is log from this conference copyrighted? can it be used/spreaded in any form?
|Tipsy|      d2: copyright  = non-existant

|d2|         reprinted in Paper magazine?
|Tipsy|      d2: spread it far & wide
|miggyfree|  d2: there are no objctions from me

|miggyfree|  thanks for your time
|miggyfree|  I appreciate it
|miggyfree|  no probs
|miggyfree|  I doubt I can make it tommorow
|miggyfree|  if you want another conference, give us a bell :)

|miggyfree|  Seeya later everyone. Another conference soon!

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Thanks goes to Philip Edwards, Paul Bowley and aMozillaX team.