Rotterdam, august 23rd 1999 - Benelux Amiga distributor Computer City and Audio Evolution programmer Davy Wentzler have signed a distribution deal which allows Computer City to publish the full version of Audio Evolution on a worldwide basis.

Sales will go through dealers around the world as well as directly from Computer City ( Audio Evolution is released on the Sultan Systems & Software label, also known from the EuroCD shareware CD-series.

The commerical release of Audio Evolution is also the first release to include PowerPC plug-ins for even higher performance.

The recommended retail price is HFL 189,00 (appr. USD 91,00)

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Ron van Herk
Computer City
Zebrastraat 7-9
3064 LR Rotterdam
The Netherlands
phone: +31-10-4517722
fax: +31-10-4517748

Davy Wentzler
Raadhuisplein 13 c
3901 GA Veenendaal

Feature list Audio Evolution (03-Aug-1999):

- Max. 30 stereo channels. (*)

- Full duplex recording.

- Mixing desk with volume, panning, mute, solo, PPM level meters,
  3 realtime effects and 4 subgroups per channel.

- Full mixer automation with event editing on the timeline or with
- 4 Subgroups and subgroup automation
- Realtime effects with runtime (near real-time) parameter change and
  on/off state selection. Includes CPU-overload detection for preventing
  lock-ups during playback.
- Timeline display with a graphical overview of all samples and ability to
  move samples along the timeline.

- Pre Computed Graphics for fast graphical display of samples and realtime

- Marker mechanism to place locators, time marker and punch in/out markers
  easily on top of the timeline for quick access.

- Sample editing (cut, copy, paste, erase). Direct to disk, not limited
  by memory.
- Disk-based effects like Delay, Noise Gate, Chorus, Limiter, Amplifier,
  Ring Modultion, Lowpass filter, Highpass filter, Parametric EQ and FIR

- MIDI start synchronisation with external equipment, Bars&Pipes and CAMD.

- Record level indication before and while recording for optimal dynamic
  range settings and peak indicators for prevention of digital distortion.

- Mastering to stereo AIFF file via the AHI Hifi modes.

- Online help and documentation

(*) Actual number of channels depends on the hardware configuration