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Krash-BB Hello
ExiE     Hello

ExiE     Can you tell me more about your project?
Krash-BB Well, I just try to make working PCI slots for A1200
Krash-BB It will be conected to A1200 via Expansion Slot

ExiE     How it goes and what about software?
ExiE     Are you working  alone?
Krash-BB I have a schematic and do PCB's now.
Krash-BB Software - it will be driven by pci.device. I'm going to write it myself,
         sources will be published

ExiE     Have you contact to some producer?
Krash-BB I'm going to release all the project (including hardware schematics
         and concepts) as freeware, so anyone can make clones

ExiE     What about homepage of this project?
Krash-BB Homepage is, only Polish for now...
Krash-BB Well, I guess I should make an english version of my AmiPCI www page.

ExiE     Is there some finish-date ?
Krash-BB Finish-date is unknown even to me :-)
ExiE     :)))

ExiE     Do you think somebody will try it?
ExiE     I know that not everybody got enough courage to try it.
Krash-BB I don't know. I only know I'm going to try it!

ExiE     Most people prefer buy hardware (fully tested etc...)
Krash-BB I'm going to produce it in small series
Krash-BB Maybe 10-20 per month

ExiE     Its only for polish market I think...
Krash-BB Sorry, I haven't enough money to invest. If any company wants to produce it
         I have nothing against

ExiE     So you shoud write that you are looking for some producer :-)
Krash-BB It's too early for this. I should have a working prototype first

ExiE     Will be possible use PCI with Blizzards/BlizzardsPPC, Zorro2/3 etc?
Krash-BB You can use it with any turbo card, but not with Zorro boards...

ExiE     So the best configuration should be BlizzardPPC/BVision ?
Krash-BB Yes, I expect PCI gfx cards aren't faster than B-Vision.

ExiE     We can call it PCI replacement of Zorro slots!
Krash-BB Exactly

ExiE     What about transfer speed ?
Krash-BB Teorethically 28 MB/s in burst mode, 14 MB/s for single mode,
         PCI may be clocked up to 14 MHz, which twice the transfer

ExiE     What PCI cards you suppose can be used with your PCI? Ethernet, sound?
Krash-BB Yes, Ethernet, sound, maybe modems, and gxf. B-Vision is expensive,
         what about S3 Virge for $20?

ExiE     Who will write devices for each card ?
Krash-BB Everybody can. Device drivers will be talking to PCI via pci.device.
         It will be fully documented
Krash-BB Linux drivers sources can help.

ExiE and What about A4000 version? :-)
Krash-BB Zorro III protocol is so complicated (overcompilcated ;-)

ExiE     For gfx cards there are also cgx/p96 drivers required...
Krash-BB CGX developer materials aren't freely available
ExiE     Any idea?
Krash-BB What if I'll do it. I'm an advanced Amiga programmer (C/asm)
ExiE     Best solution :)
Krash-BB I'm going to hack CyberGFX drivers if I have no choice...
ExiE     :-))))
ExiE     We can say cgx drivers should be available for cheap S3 gfx cards?
Krash-BB S3 Trio/Virge is my priority
ExiE     Cheapest and available...
ExiE     What about voodoo I? Cheapest 3D card for Amiga...
Krash-BB I think Amiga has much good hardware, but is lack of CHEAP hardware.
ExiE     yeah

ExiE     Thanks for interview
Krash-BB Thx too

ExiE     BTW your name to mention?
Krash-BB Grzegorz Kraszewski also known as Krashan^BlaBla
ExiE     BlaBla ? :)))
Krash-BB Amiga util programmers group

ExiE     ok bye!

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