Hi all

A few months ago I released on Aminet and Amiga Format cover CD a program
called 'Portrait'. This is a 24-bit paint package which I was developing at
the time. The planned feature list is still as long as my arm and I have
made little ground in moving the project on. After looking at the main
problem of stability I decided to rewrite the entire code from scratch.
Although the engine is now working, I now need to add in all the features
that were there before, and so on. In the end I decided it was all too much
for one man! So, here I am looking for programmers who wish to come aboard
the project. Basically anyone who can help me in the following areas please
contact me:

Experienced Amiga E programmers.
Programmers who can convert E->C++ and vice versa.
Experienced C++ programmers.
Java programmers.
Win32/C++ programmers.
Language translators.
Project coordinator.
Source code afilliator.
Graphics artists for example artwork.

I'm currently planning versions for:
Java VM

But I can only achieve this with _your_ help.

I would also be grateful of people who could host websites/source code
archives to help with the project.
Basically contact me if you are at all interested or have any ideas.
Download the last version from aminet from gfx/edit or something like that.
(Beware - it is very unstable - the version on Aminet even fails to run on
my machine! - goodness knows why I ever uploaded it :-)

I would really like this to be something that everyone can contribute to.
Perhaps, together, we can even make it tommorrow's killer app.

Basically the idea is to write something that is sort of a mixture of Paint
Shop Pro/Personal Paint/Photogenics and ImageFX. I want to take the idea of
pixel by pixel editing possible in Personal Paint into the 24-bit/32-bit
world (ARGB) and combine it with all the familiar techniques.

Thank you all and hope to hear from you soon,