World of Amiga '99 -it's going ahead!

    PBA Events in association with AmigaSoc UK (
are pleased to announce that the most eagerly awaited Amiga event on
everyone's calendar is going ahead. The show will be on the weekend of
24th and 25th July.

    Many people have expressed the need to host the UK's premier Amiga
event at an alternative venue. Although the Novotel was selected for
reasons of tradition in the past, the time has come to break with
tradition and go for something new. This year, we'll be holding the
event in a prestigious Kensington venue which we're sure you'll agree is
a huge improvement over the Novotel!

    In addition to the usual things people have come to expect from the
show, we are aiming to run a number of other events within the show.
These will be organised with the help of UK user groups, so you can
guarantee that the place will be brimming with Amiga experts with brains
just waiting to be picked!

* Games competitions: Amiga multi-player games are getting better
all the time. Now's your chance to play them with loads of other
people... and you might even win a prize!

* An Amiga cybercafe: If you're not on the Internet already, see how
easy it is to get your Amiga connected!

* Seminars: Following on from last year's hugely successful series
of seminars, we'll be getting leading Amiga people to make presentations
on various subjects (if you'd like to hold a seminar, get in touch with
Andrew Elia (E-Mail: now)

* How-to sessions: If you're in any doubt as to the best way to go
about towering your A1200, or getting on the Internet, Amiga experts
from around the UK will show you how (if you've got any ideas for
potential workshops, then contact Andrew Elia
(E-Mail: use the forms soon to be available on
our website).

* Shareware registration: Your chance to register some top quality
Amiga software without all the hassle of sending money to far off

* A user group hospitality area: Those that are members of
registered user groups can relax in a private and informal atmosphere
while getting the chance to hobnob with Amiga celebrities from around
the world.

* Stands for user groups: If you're not a member of a user group,
then you can come along and meet representatives from your nearest
group. On the other hand, if you're a user group and you'd like to take
the opportunity to recruit some more members, then the WOA show is the
perfect place to start. If your user group wants a piece of the action,
E-Mail Chris Livermore (E-Mail:

* The inimitable Annex: Get autographs and kisses from Amiga's own
pop group!

    Undoubtedly, one of the most exciting things happening at the show
will be the launch of OS 3.5. All being well, this product should be
launched at the show and will be on sale. You won't get another chance
to try before you buy! Additionally, the next generation Amigas are just
around the corner, so you never know what else you might see!

    The 1998 AAA awards ( will also be
presented at the show, so you can see first hand who will be collecting
this year's international award as well as the first ever UK AAA award.

    The official World Of Amiga website ( is
already on-line. All the latest news will be posted here. We are
currently in the process of updating it to include all the information
visitors to the show could possibly need, including details of hotels, a
map of the venue, our growing list of exhibitors, and any news relating
to the show as it becomes available to us. We also hope to offer an
on-line ticket ordering system courtesy of IMM Studios
( If there's something else you feel we should
provide through the site then drop us an E-Mail (!

    Be in no doubt, this show has got the full backing of Amiga.

    Tickets will be priced at 7.50 for adults, and 5.00 for under 14s.
This year we will also be offering special rates for families. Two
adults and two children (under 14) enter for only 15.00! Additionally,
for people wishing to attend on both days of the show, there will be a
special booth on Saturday that will sell tickets to existing ticket
holders for Sunday's show for a mere 2.00 (1.00 for under 14s). There
will also be a number of tempting door prizes. Details will be made
available on our website.

    As far as exhibitors are concerned, we are aiming to provide a
competitive rate this year, and will also be offering special low-cost
tables to companies/organisations who are on a tight budget. In short,
we want to please everyone!

You won't want to miss it!