NewTekniques Adds New Amiga/Toaster/Flyer Section!
For Immediate Release
January 22, 1999

(Santa Ana, CA) NewTekniques magazine has announced a new 16-page black
and white section that will cover the Amiga, Video Toaster, and Video
Toaster Flyer beginning with the February/March 1999 issue.  Called,
"The Gateway," this new section will appear in the middle of the magazine
with 16 pages of dedicated Amiga, Toaster, and Flyer news, tutorials,
and reviews, plus advertisements from Amiga, Toaster, and Flyer companies.
Each issue will have 10-11 pages of editorial coverage and 4-5 pages of ads.

"NewTekniques takes reader feedback very seriously," says NewTekniques
associate publisher, Joe Tracy. "One request we've received from our
Amiga, Toaster, and Flyer readers is that they'd like to see more print

We had to come up with a way of doing this without cutting out any LightWave
or Aura coverage. Using black & white pages in the middle of the magazine
was the solution!"

"The Gateway" will have its own editor in chief.  NewTekniques "Amiga in
Motion" columnist, Dhomas Trenn, has been named the editor of this section.
Before NewTekniques, Trenn was a regular columnist for CU-Amiga and The
Amiga Informer magazines.

"Since joining the NewTekniques team, I have had a lot of ideas for
increasing coverage for Amiga, Toaster, and Flyer users," says Trenn.
"With my new position and the expanded magazine, we can make this
a reality."

The plan has been in the works for several months and had to meet
specific financial requirements for approval.  The project was given the
green light late last year and has been in production ever since. One of
the key elements to making this section possible is the Amiga, Toaster,
and Flyer advertisers.
Companies that will appear in the first issue of "The Gateway," making
the section possible, are Dimension Technologies, DVS Direct, The Lively
Computer, Amiga '99, Software Hut, Videolink, OZware, and Videology.

"These companies each have made an investment in the Amiga, Toaster, and
Flyer community that is greatly appreciated," says Tracy.  "We also
greatly appreciate our regular readers who got the ball rolling on this
solution with their requests for expanded coverage."

In addition to the new print section, "The Gateway" will have its own
reader-only area on the Web, separate from the current NewTekniques bonus
area.  This area will contain more bonus coverage, columns, reviews, and
downloads to coincide with articles in the print magazine.

"If you were to add the new print section and the new bonus area on the
Web, it would total about 25+ pages of dedicated coverage for the Amiga,
Toaster, and Flyer," says Tracy.

Each issue of the print side will contain Amiga, Toaster, and Flyer news,
the Flying High column (strictly tutorials), a Toaster column, a feature
covering areas like "improving the performance of your Amiga," a question
and answer column and a review.  The bonus Web site will include Bob
Ketchum's "Idea Factory," a new "better business" column by Kevin Hanley,
a tips column by Tim Roberts, additional Amiga coverage, and reviews.
The bonus section will open in conjunction with the shipping of each issue.

Subscribers can also expect to see future articles by Jason Compton,
Fletcher Haug, Bohus Blahut, Paul Lara, Greg Scott, and other long-time

"It's great to see that NewTekniques has been listening to the needs of
Toaster/Flyer users," says Hanley who runs his own video business and is
the brains behind The Ultimate Flyer Demo. "Now, we will all have a lot
to look forward to with each and every issue of NewTekniques!"

The February/March issue of NewTekniques ships on February 15 to
Pages 21 - 36 contain "The Gateway" section.  "The Gateway" will be a
regular section in each print edition of NewTekniques. The bonus area
for the first issue of "The Gateway" will open on February 20.
Instructions to access "The Gateway" online will appear on February 20 at

"We want the bonus area for 'The Gateway' to be on-line before the
reader receives each issue of the printed version," says Trenn.
"This way the downloadable files and extra material are immediately

Print coverage of the Amiga, Toaster, and Flyer has been drastically
reduced throughout the world.  So could this be considered a gamble for

"It's never a gamble when you invest in readers," says Tracy.  "We're
increasing our LightWave coverage, Amiga coverage, Toaster coverage, and
Flyer coverage. I believe when you take time to invest in readers and
answer their suggestions that they will take time to invest in you.
It's a win-win situation."

For information on subscribing to NewTekniques, visit  If you
are not a subscriber and want to receive the February/March issue, then call

1-800-346-0085 to subscribe and tell the person taking your order that
you want your subscription to start with the February/March issue.


If you are interested in contributing to "The Gateway" or have ideas for
what coverage you would like to see, please email Dhomas Trenn at

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