Subject:        A4000 PowerTower
Date:           Fri, 20 Aug 1999 23:25:15 +0200
From:           Darek Smietana 
Organization:   ELBOX COMPUTER
To:             "Falk Stefan, ITS-SL" 
References:     1

Dear Stefan,
thank you for your message and interest in the A4000 Power Tower case.
Reading your description of the Power Tower in,
I have the impression that you must have been a little distracted while
installing Amiga in the new case.

First of all, seeing your photos, it seems to me that you were
installing the Amiga motherboard, the ZORRO board and the turbo card
without removing the side assembly wall.
The Power Tower stands out with its immense ease of assembly with its
removable specially-designed side assembly wall. After removing the
external case, the side wall is removed, which is secured with only two
hexagon screws. The Amiga motherboard, ZORRO III and the turbo card are
all installed onto this side wall when outside the main tower case.

You have stated that a better fixing of the ZORRO III bus board
would be useful and handy in the tower case. Well, it is ready and
waiting, but you seem to have missed it. Three hexagon bushes for
securing the ZORRO bus board are already mounted, with two more
provided in the box with special accessories and which are supposed
to be screwed into the holes in the Amiga motherboard. If you make
use of them, everything must run perfect.
Before the side wall with the Amiga motherboard, the ZORRO bus board
and the turbo card is replaced inside the case, you should have
installed a FDD floppy drive, your hard disks, a CD-ROM, etc... Only
now the side wall with all the electronics is to be mounted inside
the case.

Are you wondering what the STANDBY switch is used for? If you install
some cards in the ISA slots, which are present in the ZORRO bus board,
you can then use this switch :-)

As regards your CVPPC problem, you can order a special short-lenght
front bay for 3.5" devices to the Power Tower 4000. As a standard,
the Power Tower 4000 is sold with bays for 8 x 3.5" devices (1 front
bay for 4 x 3.5" devices and 1 rear bay for 4 x 3.5" devices).
Having ordered a special shorter front bay for 2 x 3.5" devices and
installing it instead of the front bay for 4 x 3.5" devices, you will
quite easily find room for your CVPPC card inside the Power Tower 4000.
You can also remove the front bay for 4 x 3.5" devices altogether, and
mount the floppy drive in any of the 5.25" bays with a 5.25"/3.5"
assembly kit. Your 3.5" hard disks, if you have not more than four
of them, you can then place in the rear bay.

I hope that all your doubts are now cleared. We are sure the new Power
Tower is an advanced design, and the ease of its assembly may be
something completely new to Amiga 4000 desktop users.

Please repeat the installation as I have written it here. I am sure you
will be more than pleased with your case then.
Anyway, if you have any more inquiries, please do not hesitate to
contact our technical support: or

Best wishes
Darek Smietana