VIPER PPC should acommodate PPC 604e, G3 or even G4 line of PowerPC
processors, if there is enough demand from end users. The card will not
contain 68K type of processor, because system will be running under
emulation of 68060 processor, beeing finished by Haage & Partner. The
card will have two slots for SO DIMM, beeing used in notebooks for e.g.,
and maximal memory capacity of the card will be 512 MB. The card will
also have slot for connecting PCI interface. PCI bus is placed directly
on VIPER PPC, but because there is not too much free space left on the
card, end user will have to buy board containing two PCI slots and cabel
to be able to connect such board to VIPER PPC. The card also contains
connector for connecting the FastSCSI controller.

The price should be competitive to BlizzardPPC cards, because there is
no need for 68K processor.

That's all for now, hope you like it :-)