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For our customers having difficulty getting hold of some products, we have put together
a special order service, this list includes many items not available in the UK or many
other countries, if you find the product you are looking for, is not listed then
please let us know and we will try to get it. Please see our special order page
at our Web Site. The type of products you will see on the list are mainly professional
and it includes products such as CROSSDOS PRO. 7, CYBER GFX V4, CYGNUS ED PROFESSIONAL
all there are over 60 items on the list so far. There are also seven subject
headings, please check out our web site there may be something that you would like.

Virtual Grand Prix is now in stock and so far the response has been very good,
this is no simple arcade game it is a realistic simulator with analogue support.

Foundation DC is now in stock, boasting better graphics and graphical support, plays
in workbench and cost only 14.99 Amiga Format gave this product an Amiga Gold Award

Bertie's Animal Kingdom is an Animal recognition game designed for nursery,
and pre-school children. In the game the child is helped along by a cartoon character
called "Bertie"He gives them a task to perform, tells them what to do, and when
the task is complete he tells them how well they did. The game comes on floppy or CD,
the CD version boast extra speech and some additional children's games. A real bargain
at 10.00

AmiAtlas UK Edition  This route planner includes Great Britain & Ireland and
also has Germany installed, it boast - Location to location.
- Unlimited stops and round travelling.
- Shortest, Fastest & Cheapest routes.
- Scalable map display.
- Map editor.
- Detailed hotel information.
- Overview and description of most
  Theme Parks and places of interest.
- User configurable.

Adventurers Lair
10 fully featured adventure games.This is a must for Adventure players.

You must check out our lateset inkjet and paper prices, we have droped the cost
of nearly all our epson cartridges, and we have the new epson 900 replacement

0906 553 1900 for anything Amiga, technical, catalogues, secondhand list,
competitions and much more.
                           calls charged at 1.00 per minute

Aminet set eight is available at 29.99, this latest release has all the normal software
that we have come to expect including Tools, GFX, Fun, Mods but also includes CygnusED 3.5,
ArtEffect 1.5, Gloom 3 & Directory Opus 5.5.

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