Download the following archive:

This archive should be enough to test that Kaffe works but you should
download the source archive from That
archive includes tests that you can run. Please report by email if
you find anything abnormal. I know that there's work to be done to
make everything in the .../test/regression/ directory  work as

*1) Please set your stack HIGH!* Kaffe will crash if you don't. 2)
unpack Kaffe1.0b3.lha to some directory 3) assign Kaffe: to that
directory 4) setenv CLASSPATH
".;Kaffe:.;kaffe:Klasses.jar;kaffe:pizza.jar" 5) start your X server
6) use "Kaffe XYZ" to start XYZ or "Kaffe -jar XYZ.jar" if it's a

And please don't ask me how to use the X server. I've got too much
mail to answer already :-)

Nicholai Benalal