From: Jim Collas 
Newsgroups: comp.sys.amiga.misc
Subject: Re: Let's have a little more FAITH!
Date: Sun, 01 Aug 1999 16:57:43 GMT (JFW) wrote:


> This is magnified by the fact that the "new" AI under you isn't
> behaving all that much different than any of it's previous
> incarnations in years past.  If you want to address an Amiga problem,
> you may want to consider addressing the content of information being
> given by Amiga to it's community.   Right now, there is little in tone
> or content being said which differs from all the previous
> announcements, and given how all those have turned out, you're not
> really bolstering the hopes of anyone but the zealots.

I normally don't get into multiple responses on a thread but JFW's
response brings up a few topics that come up often. The topics of how
much to communicate and what's different with the current Amiga.

On communication, Some people have an unrealistic view of what should
be communicated publicly. I understand peoples thirst for information
but we have already communicated much more information on our plans
than any other company would provide in this situation. I know because
I have watched the computer industry for 15 years and been an executive
fo 7 of those. I watched competitors public releases very closely for
information. Companies don't communicate this much detail prior to
launch for many good reasons. You need to protect against competitors,
honor non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), maintain negotiating leverage,
maximize launch (yes, marketing) impact, allow flexibility for
unplanned issues, and keep resources focused on development. Did anyone
see a picture of the iMac 5 months before launch? Or maybe just concept
drawings? Did you see a block diagram? top-level specs? or even the
name "iMac"? There was NOTHING. Come on people, let's get real! I need
to run the company professionally. Executives at Gateway are wondering
what I am doing disclosing as much information as I have. I have to
take time to explain to them the Amiga community and how it is deserves
early info. I think I have done a good job balancing company
requirements with the communities desire for knowledge. I will continue
to strike a reasonable balance.

It wasn't a lack of communication that lead to failure of past Amiga
owners it was lack of good plans and execution. I think we have better
communication and are executing at a much higher level.

Let me address the question of what makes the current Amiga plan
different from attempts of the past. Nothing looks different? What
about hiring 4 top notch industry experienced vice-presidents and 5
directors in four months. This may not seem like much to the untrained
eye but there is only one way to tell how serious a company is. You
need only look at the quality of executives hired. I have hired more
senior executives for Amiga in four months than I hired for Gateway in
the previous 3 years. Gateway executives are once again wondering what
I am doing. The common talk within Gateway is "Collas has built an
awesome executive team", "What the hell is he up to that he needs such
an executive team". So does it really look the same? Does it look like
I am setting up to execute a mediocre plan? Or does it look like I am
building a world class team that will launch Amiga into greatness again
once and for all? It seems obvious to me and I hope you can see it.

> P.S.  Trust is earned, not demanded.  Stop demanding our trust,
> please.  Instead take actions to earn it.

I have never demanded your trust, just a fair chance to earn it. I need
about 5 more months. Give or take a month.

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