aMozillaX Status and News Report - 28/7/99

Its been a while since we last made any sort of status report. I feel that we should now tell you all
how we are getting on.

Firstly, we would just like to say that we are still very much commited to bringing Netscape to the
Amiga, and we haven't given up. However, due to many problems we have encountered recently, including
university, exams, lack of coders, other commitments and so on, we are behind schedule and have
missed most of our deadlines.

The hype surrounding this product was far too early, and in my opinion and would have been much more
suited just before we actually had something to release.

One our goals was to provide a much more competitive and lively atmosphere in the Amiga Browser scene
and we very much hope that we have suceeded. The state of the Amiga Browser scene is very good,
especially with the number of browsers growing steadily with aMozilla, Voyager 3, iBrowse 2, AWeb,
iProbe and Dry Ice.

Depending on the layout engine, we hope to have an early beta version out within the next couple of
weeks. We cannot yet say what features this is likely to incorporate as it all depends on how various
things go.

The first repease will incorporate the initial releases of our Network, Layout and Image decoding
libraries and the full developer documentation will be released. In acccordance with the Netscape
Public Licence (NPL and MPL) all sources that originated from the Mozilla source tree will be made
available from our website (

We are expecting to have a full release somewhen in the fourth quarter of this year. This release will
have most, if not all of all the features we are planning on implementing. Details of these will be
made available. This list is getting more impressive by the day...

I would also like to ask for anyone who is willing to help us in our efforts to contact me
( We are looking for coders, people to design a brand new splash screen and
transfer and people to help write help documents.

We hope to start a weekly update on the progress of aMozilla so everyone can see how we're getting on
and how close we are to fufilling our targets. This will be available from our website soon.

Finally, we would like to clarify the exact spelling of aMozillaX... (Its got a small 'a' :-)

Thank you,
Ian Parker