Imagine an Amiga with more Zorro III Fast RAM, Chip RAM and Video RAM than
you have ever dreamed of. An Amiga with virtual memory, a floating point
unit, and a processor which you can set to be as slow and compatible as a
68000, or faster than a 68060. An Amiga with multiple CPUs, DVD storage,
Fast Ethernet and a 128-bit graphics bus. An Amiga that can run Windows
software without performance penalty, multitasking with Amiga programs, side
by side. An Amiga that will protect your software investment and your
experience, continuing to run your favorite applications even in 50 years.
An Amiga that will give you no worries about spare parts or repair centers.
An Amiga designed to keep the pace as new CPUs are released, and at the same
time remain compatible with older programs which access the hardware
directly, or which rely on features and effects that stunned the world and
made the Amiga... an Amiga.


There is a group of Amiga engineers whose names and faces do not often
appear on glossy Amiga magazines, and when they do, they are sometimes
described as if they belonged to some exotic fringe. Yet for the past years
these people have not made empty promises: they have worked hard and
discretely, and they have delivered, day after day, month after month,
release after release, exciting features and constant improvements. These
creative geniuses, which so well represent the Amiga spirit, which is not
just an abstract "faith", but passion at work, have given the Amiga the gift
of immortality. Their Amiga is the only Amiga that has not stopped evolving
many years ago. The work of these Amiga heroes, led and inspired by Bernd
Schmidt and Petter Schau, creators of UAE and Fellow, will make it possible
for any "new generation" system employing an operating system incompatible
with the Amiga, to run everybody's favorite Amiga software, regardless of
whether the CPU will come from Motorola, Intel, Transmeta or some alien


More than a year ago, in response to a clear and strong demand, and to
guarantee stability and continued support to all of its users, Cloanto
licensed from the Amiga companies all the copyrights, patents and trademarks
necessary to publish an "Amiga on a CD", ready to run on a variety of
platforms. Amiga Forever was born. Before its release, online piracy of the
Amiga intellectual property had contributed to create a situation where
emulation was almost considered a dirty word. Things have now considerably
improved: with Amiga Forever, the emulated Amiga is not only an official,
respected and essential member of the Amiga family, but also one that ranks
at the top spots of the Amiga charts. Most important, it is an Amiga that is
available today, which doubles in power every 18 months, and that will
continue to run for a very, very long time.

During the fall of 1998, the first Online Edition of Amiga Forever was
released. It became the first Amiga software title available for sale and
download entirely by electronic means in hundreds of online stores. To make
this possible, Cloanto partnered with Digital River, the world's leading
electronic distributor, with a reputation for reliable and secure
transactions, and preferred by leading companies such as Adobe, Corel, Lotus
and IBM for their own online software sales. Once again, the Amiga was
playing in the first league.

Today, a new version of Amiga Forever Online Edition is available for
download. More than a dozen software packages have been added to the
previous configuration. Everything, including the emulation software, the
Amiga OS and additional Amiga programs, comes preconfigured for immediate
use. All users of the previous version are eligible for a free upgrade, and
have been sent instructions.

The package includes a new version of Amiga Explorer, the networking
software developed by Cloanto to connect Amiga and PC systems. Personal
Paint 7.1 and TurboText are now also part of the distribution. The Shell has
been extended with KingCON, and a ToolManager dock on the Workbench screen
gives quick access to all programs. Installation of new items has become
considerably easier: LhA and LZH archives can be extracted with a simple
drag-and-drop, and the Amiga Installer has been upgraded. TCP/IP is enabled
by default in the more professional configuration, and can be used to access
the internet, and even to run Amiga Explorer from inside the emulation,
giving the Windows Desktop access to the contents of Amiga disk image files
(ADF and HDF). An Amiga OS 1.3 configuration for running older games, and
with the original Boing! bouncing ball demo preinstalled, is also included.

The new Amiga Forever Online Edition has a download size of 6.5 MB (this
includes the emulation software for Windows, two Amiga operating systems and
the preinstalled programs), costs $29.99, and is ready to run immediately
after the download. Upgrades to new versions of the emulation software are
free and only involve replacing one file.


The Amiga Forever web site has been extended and updated, and now contains
even more information not just for Cloanto customers, but for Amiga users in
general. The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section is one of the most
visited Amiga pages on the web, providing advice and links on topics which
include for example how to connect an Amiga and a PC and share a modem for
internet access, how to read Amiga floppy disks on a PC, and some
considerations for those who believe that emulation will kill the Amiga,
rather than make it live forever.

MailBX, a new utility developed by Cloanto to convert Amiga mail archives to
Microsoft Mail, Outlook Express and Exchange Server, is available for free
download on the Cloanto web site and on Aminet. Cloanto's "biz/cloan"
directory on Aminet is one of the Amiga's richest collections of free
software coming from a single commercial software house, and is expected to
continue to surprise the Amiga community with several new and important


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