After Amiga Inc. repeatedly did not keep up with promises, no
productive contact has been made, Amiga Inc. did not appear at
meetings requested by themselves, and continuously recieved
suggestions without any response from their side, A.C.T.
(Albrecht Computer Technik, manufacturer of the Prelude sound
cards and several audio applications, e.g. Samplitude Opus) has
decided not to provide Amiga Inc. with the completed ARTAS
(streaming kernel).

Despite Amiga Inc. receiving detailed concepts beforehand, the
promised developer discussions never happened, the repeatedly
promised agreement was never completed, and the agreed-upon
contract was never sent to A.C.T..

In the opinion of Marc Albrecht (CEO A.C.T.) the remaining
so-called OS 3.5 from Amiga Inc. (without RTA, RTG, serious bug
fixes, up-to-date features like a complete(!) TCP/IP stack,
network file system, multiuser-support and other) does not
represent an OS update in the common sense, but only a "plus
pack" implemented for commercial profit.

A "plus pack" is, in his opinion, a stand-alone product without a
need for compatibility for developers. Following the future
politics, A.C.T. will deliver products only in return of
something. ARTAS in its completely reworked and re-programmed
version will be published as freeware for Amiga users. Should a
company want to distribute ARTAS bundled with their own products,
usual license fees will be charged. This holds true for products
from Amiga Inc., too. Third party products already existing
on the market will be fully supported where possible (especially
sound cards and drivers), future products will need a licence.

In other words: Amiga OS 3.5 (being NO true OS update, judging
from available informations) will not be supported by ARTAS.
Changing this situation is the sole responsibility of Amiga Inc.
Other software products from A.C.T. will NOT support Amiga OS 3.5
if no licence agreement has been made.

Should Amiga Inc. decide to implement the ARTAS concept in their
own products without A.C.T. (even in outlines), A.C.T. will take
legal action. Reputable witnesses are available for proving that
the concept itself has been designed by Marc Albrecht.

This statement may be distributed in German newsgroups and
Fido-Echos. A copy on servers and online-mags is subject to
agreement with Marc Albrecht, and only allowed if complete and
unchanged. A publication in print media is also subject to
agreement with the author. A translation to English is subject to
agreement with Marc Albrecht.

Marc Albrecht
//Hard- and Software Developer  //  A.C.T. Germany //

translated by Martin Bautein agreement with Marc Albrecht