I am pleased to tell you that Space Station 3000 is finally on the
road to completion and we are hoping to have it complete next month.
It will feature some amazing Doom style gameplay as well as many new
and original ideas.
Benchmarks of the Doom engine will be uploaded to our website very
soon, but you should get good speeds even with an 030 and AGA!
All graphics cards shall be supported as well.
A demo of Space Station 3000 will be released in less than 4 weeks.

Some people have been asking about the Syndicate style game. Well,
unfortunately this has been cancelled due to certain things breaking
up, but you can still look forward to many of our other titles which
will be on the way very soon.

Wipeout 2097 is progressing nicely and we hope to release a demo
and some screenshots very soon!

Best Regards
Stuart Walker

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