Announcement for immediate release:

Amiga Apache Web server with PHP Web scripting language: now available for free.

Apache is now the most popular Web server available in over 2 million sites
in the world.  Many pages made available by Web servers are generated
dinamically with scripting languages, being Perl one of the most popular
with over 1 million users.

But for Web scripting PHP ( is one of the fastest
growing languages being used in over 300.000 sites in the world.  Since PHP
is a language available in an Open Source project, it was now made
available in pre-compiled archives for the Amiga.

The binary archive may be found at  The
documentation of PHP language may be found in several formats (HTML, PDF,
RTF, etc...) at: .

This version of PHP 3.0.6 is available in two formats for the Amiga:  one
as a standalone CGI based executable and another as language module
built-in the Amiga Apache executable.

These versions were built with support to:

* mSQL Relational Database Management System client library version 2.0.5.
  There is a version of mSQL for the Amiga at:

* MySQL Relational Database Management System access

* XML parsing with expat XML parser library

* PDF (Adobe Acrobat) documents on-fly generation with PDFlib version 0.6

* GIF images on-fly generation with GD library version 1.3

This version (1.3.3) of Amiga Apache ( was
built with PHP 3.0.6 as internal module by Manuel Lemos.  If you need
further assistance, send message to