Look What You're Missing! Aug/Sep 1999


   o First Words: Revolution Meets Evolution - A few words from our editor,
     dhomas trenn, "There's a tremendous amount of change in the industry
     lately, and it's hard not to get caught up in the excitement of all
     that is going on."

   o TekTALK: Thank You, NewTek - Joe Tracy raises his glass to toast, "To

   o FEATURE: From the Ground Up - LightWave 3D 6.0 - Join Dick De Jong and
     Molly Dinkins behind the scenes of LightWave 3D development, and meet
     the people that are building the sixth floor onto this towering 3D

   o FEATURE: When the Master Speaks: Building a Better Toaster - Dick De
     Jong and Molly Dinkins talk with Tim Jenison about the evolution of the
     Toaster, "I want to take over the world of video."

   o TUTORIAL: Fun Fur Everyone - Realistic Fur - Dave Jerrard teaches you
     how to make realistic fur in LightWave 3D.

   o TUTORIAL: Green Grass Grow - Now that you've learned how to create
     realistic fur in LightWave 3D, Dave Jerrard teaches you how to use a
     similar technique (the 3 Gs of 3D) to make Green Grass Grow.

   o TUTORIAL: Modular Scene Design - Using pre-fabricated parts is a big
     time saver for the construction business. Jared Brookes teaches you how
     to apply this idea to LightWave to build elements that can be re-used in
     several scenes, quickly and easily.

   o TUTORIAL: Iris Doors - Part 2 - No self-respecting spacecraft, alien
     corridor or intergalactic waste control system would be complete
     without a set of iris doors. Scott Wheeler teaches you how to make them
     in LightWave.

   o Wave F/X: Zero-G Champagne - Taking LightWave 3D into Space - What
     happens when you pop the cork of a champagne bottle... in space? Greg
     Nelson gives you behind the scenes information on how he used LightWave
     3D to create various "in-space" effects.

   o LightWave 301: Alien Abduction: Lights & Action - Scott Wheeler adds
     another 17 steps to this multi-part Alien Abduction LightWave animation

   o Mojo: Paul: Twice as Bright - Mojo remembers Paul Montgomery.

   o Plugged In: LScript Problems and Solutions - Bob Hood answers reader
     questions about using LScript.

   o LightWave Fundamentals: Landings With Ease - It's time to enter the
     world of science fiction, in this continuing introduction to LightWave
     3D by Jared Brookes. This time, learn to construct basic objects and do
     simple animation, as you recreate a police vehicle landing sequence from
     Blade Runner.


      o Lip Service: A facial animation system for LightWave 3D (Windows NT).

The Gateway (special section)

   o Second Words: - More words from our editor, dhomas trenn.

   o FEATURE: Millennium is Coming... - An inside look at the upcoming, and
     long awaited, Amiga Toaster/Flyer upgrade.


      o ImageFX 4: Image processing software (Amiga).
      o Pan Canvas: Motion Control for ImageFX (Amiga).
      o PowerStation Vol. 1: PPC Modules for ImageFX (Amiga).
      o CyberGFX 4: Retargettable graphics software (Amiga).
      o Pyromania: Fire and explosion images/animations (Amiga/Flyer).

   o Flying High: Extreme PIP! - Compositing on the Edge - Bohus Blahut takes
     you step-by-step through the creation of custom picture-in-picture
     effects, that will really spice up a project.

   o Toast Master: ChromaFX Tinting - Bohus Blahut begins investigating
     probably the most misunderstood and under used part of the Video
     Toaster - ChromaFX.

   o Image Effects: Terraforming Mars - We're off for another great adventure
     with cecilia and ImageFX. This time we're going into space to do some
     Mars terraforming. Right before your eyes... barren Mars will trickle
     up oceans and grow over with lush foliage, into a thriving liveable

   o Silicon Alchemy: Information Appliance? - If you're following
     computer/internet news at all, you've likely come across references to
     the term "Information Appliance". What does it mean? Is it a good
     thing, or a bad thing? How does it fit into the future of the internet?
     What does it mean for future Amigas? Dave Haynie answers these questions
     and many more.

   o The Idea Factory: The Armchair Tour - If you're looking for new ideas to
     expand your video business, Bob Ketchum is your man. In almost every
     city or town, Bob says there's always three things you can count on
     finding: a church, a gas station, and a real estate office. One of
     those, is a great business opportunity waiting to happen, and Bob will
     tell you all about it.

   o Business Matters: Time To Grow - It's time to make your business grow!
     The long term outlook of your company depends on your active
     involvement in expanding your business. Advertising your services is
     part of the process, but it's not the only way. Kevin Hanley shares his
     ideas on making your company more successful.

   o The Producers' Lounge: - Kermit Woodall is back with more information
     and resources of interest to videographers.

   o News - Amiga Changes Next Generation OS Kernel, Phase 5 Announcements,
     Amiga Announces Relationship with Corel, Amiga Promotional Products,
     Amiga OS 3.5 Update, Amiga Video Contest, Upcoming Amiga Shows.


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