From: Iwin Corporation 
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Subject: Further information and presentation
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Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999 18:08:28 +0200
Newsgroup: comp.sys.amiga misc

Hello again Amiga community,

As we're watching things going on here we were almost before dropping
the project. However, many mails to us kept us from this step. 

To clear up things more we announce the following:

1. Within the next 2 or 3 days we will put every technical information
which we have online. This includes also internal datasheets, internal
layout specifications, api specifications, etc. So non-believers and
believers can read this information and then think about it once more.
As that we have plenty of work to do, please appologize if not
everything at once is available on the website.

CEO Martin Steinbach had a phone-talk with Mr. Raukamp of "AmigaOS"
today and they agreed on the following:

2. Shortly before the official launch, Iwin will organize a presentation
in Germany where both computers will be shown in the M68k and PPC
version with software running on it. We encourage every person to bring
their Amiga software with them and try if it runs on our computers. This
will be also a good test for us - as we mentioned before - to see it in
a "real life" test. Exact date, time and place will be announced here
and on ".amiupdate" soon. Currently we are searching for partners for
the presentation.

3. Mr. Raukamp as well as other magazines will receive various
information, demos, etc. about the A510 and A1010 in the next couple of

4. Mr. Raukamp as well as other editors of various magazines will get to
see both machines before the official presentation to review them.
People will be able to read the tests in the magazines then. 

Some more things we would like to mention:

People who don't like how our firm is organized may continue to complain
about it. 

We know that the A1010 orginally was an external floppy drive which
looked a bit big... and as far as I know, the A510 was the original 512K
expansion for the A500. These products are not sold anymore, but if
somebody doesn't like the name for our products - make suggestions and
we will consider renaming them. 

Many people have complained about our isp and provider. We don't
anything what it has to do with our plans to sell computers which can be
made compatible with the Amiga. However, we are in negotiations with
other providers - in Germany and the US.


Rue Ann Mark
Vice President