From: Iwin Corporation 
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Subject: Official statement from Iwin Corporation
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Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 01:56:22 +0200
Newsgroups: comp.sys.amiga.misc

Hello Amiga fans and freaks,

We were watching the things going on here now since a couple of hours.
Read all the posts from you, smiled a little and now decided to really
post our own statement. We expected a lot of bad posts and mails, but
that what we had to discover during the last hours was awful. We
understand that the Amiga community was fooled by Amiga Inc. for a long
time, however persons who cannot or don't want to believe in our
products - you don't have to.

First of all, we are not here to fight some battles with any kind of
person or firm.

Second, there were some questions posted here which we will now answer:

1. About the firm "Iwin Corporation"

Yes, Iwin was incorporated in Delaware. What's the problem? Commodore
Business Machines was incorporated on the Bahamas. Yes, Lewes/DE is
currently our only US contact but we will open another office in Houston
soon. Sorry guys, but we are new as Iwin and new in the US. Things take
some time - even in the US.

CEO of the firm is Martin Steinbach. He doesn't have anything to do with
these "Martin Steinbach's" usually found when searching with Altavista.
He is also not connected with Scientology or any other sect.

The firm has 338 employees in sum around the world.

Iwin was founded because of the merger of Worksoft and Branch software.
As you might have read on the webpage - Worksoft AUSTRIA. The address doesn't have anything to do with Worksoft Austria.

Yes, the domain name was registerred only in June. Sorry guys, as we
said we are new.

Regarding the German telephone number. You can find contact information
on the webpage.

Why didn't you hear about us before? This is very simple. Just take a
look at the past posts here and you know why. We were thinking for a
very long time when and how to announce our products and we have to
confess that we are almost sorry for doing it.

About the commodore deal. We are saying "We are negotiating" with Tulip.
We want to sell our products under the name and logo of Commodore. We
didn't say we are Commodore.

Now regarding the new classic amigas:

No, we do not use any of copyrighted Amiga or Gateway or whatever
patents or technology.

8MB chipram might be impossible with Amiga chips. As we mentioned
already, we have a completely new archticture. If somebody needs this
now or not - it's up to you if you want/need it or not.

Every further question what we received in the last few hours is
currently being put on a special FAQ section on our webpage. There you
will be able to read about technical datas etc.

Once more, we are not here to have some fights with somebody. On the
contrary (as we mentioned in the interview) we would like to work
closely together with Amiga Inc. and other Amiga firms.

If there are any questions left please post them here as a reply. Thank


Martin Steinbach    Rue Ann Mark
President           Vice President