From: Paul Nolan (
Subject: Paul Nolan Releases Photogenics 4.1, plus credit card and online
ordering now available
Date: 16th July 1999

Paul Nolan is pleased to announce Photogenics 4.1, featuring dozens of new
and improved features, more tools, online html help, and rock solid
stability.  It all adds up to the must have graphics purchase of the year.
 To make this purchase even easier, you can now use your credit card to
order using a toll free (US only, international charges apply) order
hotline, or online at  Please read the full
details below for more information.

Photogenics 4.1 is a free upgrade to users of Photogenics 4.0, please
email your name and the email address used when ordering Photogenics to

Photogenics will have a strong presence at both Amiga shows next weekend.
Paul Nolan will be at the World of Amiga Show in London giving
demonstrations on his stand and hosting several seminars. Rod Volkmar of
the South Tahoe Amiga Group will be at AmiWest in Sacramento demonstrating
and selling Photogenics in temperatures much higher than someone raised in
London can handle.

How to puchase Photogenics

You can securely order online with your credit card by going to, or by calling the StarByte order hotline toll
free on 1 800 243 1515, extension 400. Outside of Northern America, please
prefix this number with the digits necessary for calling America, and note
that international call charges will apply.
If upgrading, you will need your registration code, type it into the field
labelled Comments or tell the salesperson.
This number is staffed by live operators during US business hours, but has
an automated order taking system in place at all other times.
Please note that the person taking your call will not be able to answer
any technical questions, they are only there to take your order, you must
email Paul Nolan at if you have any questions. Please do
not call this number unless you have your credit card out and are ready to

If you would rather not pay by credit card, details for ordering via
cheque or money orders are as before and explained in detail on the
website, although you won't receive your CD as fast as using the online
order form.

In Germany, distribution is courtesy of Schatztruhe,

Paul Nolan's Photogenics:
World of Amiga:
Rod Volkmar:
South Tahoe Amiga Group: