UGN projects at World of Amiga 99

Press release - for immediate publication
Thursday 15th July 1999 - Ninove, Belgium

*** There are a few problems with the UGN website at the moment. The problems seem to come and go all the time, so when one of the links of this document doesn't work, try again a bit later. Our apologies for the inconveniences. ***

The UGN is proud to present some of the planned projects on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th July 1999 in London at World of Amiga 99. All current information is available on this page of our website.

UGN booth
The UGN will have a stand at World of Amiga 99. Our stand will offer UGN information, user groups information, an Amiga to explore our UGN website on our stand, a webcam, a live IRC conference, etc. etc.

Live IRC conference
Take a look on this page for our current "IRC guests schedule". At the moment we can already announce the presence of
  • Martin Sahlén (ACG - AAA Awards)
  • Petro Tyschtschenko (AMIGA)
  • Paul Nolan (Paul Nolan Ltd)
  • Tim Corringham (Ramjam Consultants Ltd)
  • Olaf Barthel
  • Tony Mees (UGN (Europe))
  • Laurent Tissier or Mathieu Lagier (Atéo Concepts)
  • another surprise
  • Michael C. Battilana (Cloanto)
  • Fleecy Moss (KOSH)
  • Daniel Schulz + female surprise (Annex)
  • Kermit Woodall (Nova Design, Inc.)
  • Andrew Korn + Mark Hinton (Amigactive, WoA)
  • Chris Wiles + Simone Tellini + Oliver Wagner (Active Technologies)
The conference will be hold on #woa via Amiganet. Use one of the following Amiganet IRC servers:
We will start on Saturday 24th July 1999 at 9.30h London time (GMT). The conference will be closed on Sunday 25th July 1999 at 16.15h London time (GMT).

Our IRC channel will contain a fileserver (fserve), which can be used to download interesting files (see below: Journalism). Expect more guests in the next few days.

The webcam will be available on:
  • Saturday 24th July 1999: 9.30 - 17.40h
  • Sunday 25th July 1999: 9.30 - 16.00h
We will change the direction of our webcam from time to time. So don't worry, you won't need to look at the same ugly face every time :))

The UGN team at WoA 99 will collect news items, do interviews, make some pictures,... all those files will be uploaded during and after the show on
  • an Amiga on the UGN stand at WoA 99
  • this page of our UGN website
  • our IRC fileserver
The project is meant to inform everyone as well as possible, so one can get a good view on the show.

Our sponsors
Without our sponsors it would have been very difficult to give you all the above:

Our team
21 people (some of them full time) will work together to achieve the above and much more, which will be announced soon. Most of them are (official) members of the UGN, but a few will just help us for this one time. Thanks to everyone who has helped and/or will help us.

                                   The UGN team

            Christophe Heereman          Tony Mees
            Head UGN Belgium         Head UGN Europe
            Aalstersesteenweg 95            Lepelstraat 11
            B-9400 Ninove               B-9140 Steendorp
            Belgium                 Belgium
            ++32 (0)54/33.79.79.            ++32 (0)3/744.13.19.