Voyager 3 Notes
Ok, here's a short summary of what has been done, is being done
and (eventually) will be done for Voyager 3. This focusses
on "major" changes, and I've written it offhand, so I may
have forgot something.

Document revision: 1, 16.4.99

Of course, the thing everyone wants (esspecially the ones asking for "Java"
I've implemented the Javascript 1.2 core language with a nicely-done
bytecode interpreter. Voyager first compiles the code down into a special
P-Code (or "Bytecode", as it's nowadays called, although it really consists
of 16 bit instructions) which is then executed by a special interpreter.
This should give the fastest JS implementation available in the industry,
and should esspecially help with the otherwise massive impact of event
handler code or looping operations.

The Document Object Model I'm implementing is closely based on the
one of the Microsoft Internet Explorer, because it is much more flexible
than that of NS (that's what M$ calls "Dynamic HTML").

Status: mostly done, in testing stage, gathering real-world feedback now

Numerous major and minor updates. Support for CSS 1 is being worked on
and will most likely be ready in time. Note that "Dynamic HTML"
is actually a JS-related issue.

Status: done, in testing stage, gathering real-world feedback now

Main GUI is now completely customziable with the well-known "coolbar"
technology borrowed from the Windows world. Bookmarks are replaced with
the new embedded version of the Contact Manager. New IE4-alike history
allows finding

Status: mostly done

Cache system has been reworked to require less maintaince.
Optional "blacklisting" for image fetching based on URLs
allows one to get rid of banners and  based
tracking services. The same will probably be added for

Status: mostly done

The "Merapi" JavaVM seems to have died. Holger Kruse of Nordicglobal
announced the Daytona JavaVM, and has invited all browser authors to
in a design discussion about a potential plugin API for Daytona. If this
project has a future (and given hkr's track record, it surely will), I'm
definitvly going to support it.

Status: time will tell

David "Zapek" Gerber  is working on integrating the free
3 player as an V plugin.

Status: being worked on. It's either finished in time or someone in
Switzerland will have his buttock prodded :^)

Image decoders
Updated to current versions of libjpeg and libpng. Speed improvements
in the rendering code, and will now also deal fine with CGFX4
in-buffer bitmaps. Fixed tons of low-memory issues. Modularized
and loaded on demand based on the system architecture for
maximum efficiency with easy upgrading to PPC. Special support for
FBlit on AGA systems to totally eliminate the need to use chipmem.

Status: done, in testing stage

Nothing really done yet, but the Flash player is being designed as an
plugin and will stirr up some required changes.

Status: erm

Oliver Wagner
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