o WIN! - NewTekniques Reader Survey/Contest - You could win one of these
     fabulous software prizes: LightWave 3D, Inspire 3D, Aura, ImageFX,
     Aladdin 4D or Cinematte. All you have to do is fill out the official
     Reader Survey/Contest entry form and mail it (postage paid in United

   o FREE PLUG-INS - An Artist Can Never Have Enough Tools - Free plug-ins
     for Aura, ImageFX, and Photoshop - Powerful and creative
     effects/filters: LumiEssence and BiColorize. Created by Ron Jensen and
     dhomas trenn exclusively for NewTekniques readers!

   o FEATURE: Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles - Is It Real, Or Is It
     LightWave? - Dick De Jong and Molly Dinkins take you behind the scenes
     of one of the most ambitious LightWave projects ever. Meet the teams
     that made it happen, and learn some "insider secrets" about the show.

   o FEATURE: NewTek's Next Video Revolution: The NEW Video Toaster - A
     detailed report on the Video Toaster by Ray Cronise and dhomas trenn.
     Is it dual stream? What about real-time transitions? What software does
     it come with? What does the future hold?

   o TUTORIAL: Texture Reference Nulls - Jared Brookes teaches you how to use
     LightWave's Texture Reference Objects to animate textures on objects.

   o First Words: All Things New - A few words from our editor, dhomas trenn,
     "I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about all the things that
     have been happening here at NewTekniques."

   o LightWave 301: Alien Abduction: The Grand Finale - Scott Wheeler takes
     your through the final steps of this multi-part Alien Abduction
     LightWave animation tutorial.

   o Mojo: Start Your Engines! The 3D Animation Rally Is About To Start - If
     you want to be an animator in Hollywood, the time is NOW. Mojo speaks
     his mind about the recent boom in LightWave production in Hollywood.

   o Plugged In: Procedural Object Replacement - Tend Your Own Garden, Grow
     Your Own Weeds - Bob Hood teachs you how to create objects completely
     through scripting using LightWave's Procedural Object Replacement

   o Toast Master / Flying High: My Studio Is Full Of Garbage - A Guide to
     Doing More For Less - You don't always need to spend a lot of money to
     get the job done. Sometimes, the cheap solution is just as good. Bohus
     Blahut tells you about buying video/studio gear for less.

   o NEW COLUMN - Visions: A Dirty Little Thing Called... - Chairman and
     Founder of NewTek, Tim Jenison, talks about the problems with video

   o NEW SERIES - Wave F/X: The Master Series: LightWave Master: Bill Arance
     - No matter how good you are at what you do, there's always something
     you can learn from others in your field. Greg Nelson introduces you to
     some of the best LightWave artists in the world. This time, learn from
     one of the most detail oriented modelers/artists in the business: Bill

NewTekniques Online (Bonus Area)


      o Genesis V2 PRO: High-end visual effects suite for LightWave or
        Inspire (Intel/Alpha).
      o LD_Tools: Numerical toolset for Inspire and LightWave (Mac,
      o AWeb-II 3.2: Web browser (Amiga).
      o Club Toaster Year 4 - Platinum Edition: Backrounds, textures, wipes
        and more (Amiga/Toaster/Flyer).
      o Directory Opus Magellan II: Workbench replacement and file manager
      o Empiricons Vols. 1,2,3: Passive visual croutons (notes)
      o Fantastic Dreams 1.0R6: Image processing software: morphing, face
        making, special effects (Amiga).

   o Business Matters: About All That Money... - There's a lot more to making
     money than filling your wallet. Kevin Hanley shares some ideas on basic
     accounting, invoicing, paying bills, taxes and the most gratifying of
     all... paying yourself.

   o The Idea Factory: Making Music Promotion Videos - Two things that Bob
     Ketchum knows a lot about are the music business, which he's been in
     for a long time, and how to make money. Now put the two together, and
     maybe shake it all about, and you've got yourself another of Bob's
     fabulous money making ideas.

   o Image Effects: Tricky Text Tips - cecilia teaches you terrific, time
     saving techniques to turn the tables on tough and tragic text. Thorough
     ImageFX tutorials to talk about 'till the end of time.

   o LightWave Fundamentals: Light Star - Texture mapping is a powerful part
     of the modeling process. This time, Jared Brookes teaches you how to
     make an extremely simple object look a lot more complex.

   o The Producers' Lounge: Quakemation! - Kermit Woodall investigates a new
     phenomenon in collaborative movie making - using, of all things, gaming
     software! Is it an earth shattering idea?

   o Silicon Alchemy: Multimedia System Design 101 - Dave Haynie explains the
     various crucial elements that differentiate a multimedia computer from
     other computer designs. Multimedia is not just about the hardware -
     it's as much a software issue, as it is about the machine that powers

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