Hi everyone.

Always concerned about confidence in the Amiga scene, I contacted Allan
Havemose about the current state of things. Below is his response:

Hi Ed,

Good to hear from you!

The only reason I stopped was that I typically received 100's of angry
emails after each posting. I simply got tired of the large number of
people who only wanted to vent and not listen. I know this doesn't help
the larger group who is truly interested in seeing the Amiga move
forward, but I ultimate had to prioritize my time.

We are making good progress, btw. I should be able to make a number of
exciting announcements within a few weeks.


I find it interesting his comments about 100s of angry EMails. It's
probably frustrating for him that no matter what he or AI does/says, too

many people think they are screwing up.

Now, for those of you who are dissapointed that there weren't any
details in his response, please consider the fact that he didn't have to

respond at all.

And finally, concerning those announcements, please remember that he
said: "I *should* be able to...". Life, being what it is, could change

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