PRESSRELASE, 14.7.1999

After a real flood of queries and questions regarding fxPAINT, we have
decided to compile a list of the most frequent questions (FAQ). If there
are should still be any open questions, don`t hesitate to send EMail to We need your feedback!

Question: When will fxPAINT be available ?
Answer:   The release of fxPAINT is scheduled for November 1999 at the
          Cologne Show.

Question: How much of fxPAINT is already finished ?
Answer:   All features that were named in the announcment of fxPAINT have
          already been fully implemented. The only feature still missing is
          the OS 3.5 printer support, which is still in the works. Until fxPAINT
          is released this November, the number of features will of course increase.
          The greatest part of work has already been finished.

Question: Can I get a beta-version ?
Answer:   We already have a great number of highly qualified betatesters, that are
          professionally working on graphics at work. They are great contributors to
          the professionality of fxPAINT.

Question: I have already ordered fxPAINT, but I didn`t get any confirmation yet.
Answer:   Please contact us directly at and submit your
          complete address and creditcard-data.

Question: How long can I still order under the conditions of preordering ?
Answer:   The preordering-offer will most likely be valid until 1st November 1999.
          If fxPAINT is finished earlier, the period of validity will been shorter.
          Please also keep in mind, that we process orders in the order we get them,
          so if you preorder now, you`ll get your copy faster.

Question: How exactly will WarpUP be supported ? Using ppc.lib-emulation ?
Answer:   No. fxPAINT detects itsself, whether it runs under WarpUP or ppc.lib and
          starts the respective servertask, which runs native, without any emulation,
          on the respective driver-system.

Question: Is a windows-version planned of fxPAINT ?
Answer:   No.

Question: Is fxPAINT a replacement for Ultraconv ? Won`t there be further versions
          of Ultraconv ?
Answer:   No. fxPAINT is a completly new product, that doesn`t share any sourcecode
          with Ultraconv. The development of Ultraconv will continue.

Question: Will there be Histogram-functions ?
Answer:   Yes.

Question: Will there be a Demo-Version of fxPAINT ?
Answer:   We have not made a decission on that. If we make one, you will be able to
          download it from our website (

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