I've uploaded a new test version of SFS (filesystem only).
I'll put up a complete archive later on the website.

For now, you can get it at:


I've done a few simple changes which I've tested for just a few
days on my own system, so be a bit careful with this one.  The
things I've changed:

 - The updating of the disk (the slight rattling noise after there
   was a 1 second period of inactivaty after a modification of the
   disk) should now be slightly faster (and should make less 'noise'

 - The bug which caused the 'there is an operation for a cachebuffer
   which has not been modified'-requester to appear should be gone
   now.  This bug was fairly harmless.

 - The way SFS starts has been altered slightly; when it starts
   for the first time (after a reboot for example) it will FIRST
   check for a valid disk, and then report to Dos that the
   filesystem is 'ready' to process requests (previously it was
   the other way around).

   This COULD fix two things:

   The 'disk not inserted' or 'volume is not a dos disk' requesters
   which people sometimes get after a reboot should no longer
   appear.  I haven't been able to test this, so let me know if it
   doesn't happen anymore (I never have had this problem even though
   I've got about 7 different SFS partitions in the RDB on 3
   different HD's).

   The 'rattling' sound which SFS makes during reboot if you have
   more than 1 SFS partition on the same drive should be gone now
   (I haven't checked this, since I haven't been able to update
   all of my SFS partitions to 1.61 yet -- let me know if it indeed
   fixes the 'rattling' sound at bootup :-))

   This change may also introduce new problems during booting,
   so be careful and keep an older SFS copy handy.  I don't
   expect any problems though, but will all the different controllers
   out there it is sometimes hard to say what effect such changes
   have (needless to say, it runs FINE here :-))


Greetz John