0.8.8 Release 8 - October 14, 1999
- FIXED: Crash when no kickstart-ROM was selected, or xdms.exe not present.
- FIXED: Sound output on Diamond Monster Sound MX-300 and similar devices.
         NOTE: Make sure you are using the latest Aureal reference-drivers!!!
- FIXED: Illegal audio-frequency choices for the user's system are now masked.
- FIXED: 8-bit Picasso screens (256-colours) in windowed mode on a 15-bit
         (or higher) Windows desktop would have problems when the Amiga's
         palette should've changed.
- FIXED: MIDI-output has been re-written and now works perfectly!
- FIXED: Socket code could fail on some machines because of bad version check.
- FIXED: Socket code has been changed and optimized, so that changing display
         modes during socket operations should no longer cause crashes.
- FIXED: Bugs in 68881 (FPU) implementation involving FMOVE not updating FPSR,
         and FMOVEM pushing and popping things in the wrong order.
- FIXED: BlitRectNoMaskComplete now implements all blit-opcodes, for better
         performance and no more warnings.
- FIXED: Arrow-gadgets of the XEN BOOPSI class now render properly.
- FIXED: CD-ROM drive(s) will now work without a LoadWB being issued.
- FIXED: Enforcer-hits aren't reported while the CPU is in supervisor mode.
- ADDED: Accelerated InvertRect functionality.  Oooh... Ahhh...
- ADDED: z3 fast-mem allowed up to 128-Megs again.  STILL MIGHT BE BUGGY!!!
- ADDED: German translation of help-file available on web-site.
- ADDED: English help-file is improved.  Thanks to Georg Veichtlbauer!!!
- CHANGED: Printing may work better now.